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At the Park

April 20, 2009

After 10 days of work, syauQi had 7 days off…and today he is back at work. However while he was packing his bag just now…athirAh stopped him from doing so. He distracted syauQi by demanded to be carried. And each time syauQi open his bag to pack his stuff, athirAh will close it ..preventing her dad from packing. I reckon, in her mind she was saying “nooo, you are not going to work again, coz the last time u went it took u soooo long to come back”. And most touching moment was when syauQi finished packing and wanted to bring the bag to the front door, she practically placed her hand on it trying to stop syauQi and soon realised that she doesnt really have the power of stopping…she lift her hand from the bag and softly said “ba bye, ba bye…..”

Seriously, it really did make syauQi felt like not going to work….

Nway, here’s another activity we did while pApa was around….a trip to the park =)
Main intention was to fly the kite, but it seems that only uZAir was interested….

coz, once hArith gets a ball….nothing else could beat that. so layang2 tak laku…

And athirAh as usual was everywhere…she was practicing 100 meter run, hihi

And there was a group of men doing some exercise, strecthing…in which she joined along. She went close to those men…looking up and down trying to figure out what they were doing. And she managed to imitate them well….

Only uZAir were hAppy to see the kite flying…his mood was all cheerful, so decided to take photos of him.

N also I had a friend who wanted to try out her new camera…so uZAir became the model for the day…thus my friend could try out diiferent setting of her camera. Meanwhile, i took some shots too…coz aritu syauQi pegi keja bawak camera, maka saya pun ade lupe pasal setting2 n mula terkial2 nk buat setting camera….haha

Oh, uZAir pun terror buat One Two Weee tau… =)

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  1. wah.. pandainya athirah.. 🙂 erm.. macam mana nak tangkap gambar yg cun ya..? kena adjust di setting ke..? atau have to have a good camera (DSLR)…?


  2. okinokiyo:
    u too bleh amiq shots yg lawa2…
    i dari zero knowledge…learn from photomama.
    i start join photomama since february 2009.

    dslr is an advantage tapi in teaches u the basic of photography and arts of seeing…gune pape camera pun bleh.
    in fact dlm tutorial, ade jer gune camera hp and also camera compact sony.

    u bleh read up post i yg ni about takde dslr pun bleh blaja amiq gambar cun:


  3. wah..your kids were soo happy!!harith handsome! athirah prettier from day to day..uzair chubby and sangat comel!!!waa..nak pinch his cheeks bleh tak?!


  4. ummu ‘umar:
    thanks for the compliment =)
    tp uZAir dh kurang gedebob skrang since die start crawling…so dh start use up energy and burn some fats…hihi

    haah, die ade taik lalat. mase first time bukak balut die nk tukar lampin i tot die berak bocor smpai kena peha…hihih


  5. hai munirah
    seronok tgk anak2 membesar sihat n ceria..

    touching ler kisah yang awal tu…
    my fatimah amani pun sama..
    her father will be outstation every 4days in each 3 weeks in a months, dia tak tau masa walid nye pegi sbb my hubby g kerja cam biasa n terus g outstation..
    tapi bila dia tgk sy sorang je ambil dia dr taska petang lepas keja, dia taula walidnya dah pergi, dalam kereta I pun tanyala dia walid mana?
    dia jawab walid jeje (keje)
    lepas tu startla dia mambling dalam kereta sebut byk2 kali “walid jeje..walid jeje..”
    tetiba adala pulak ayat “walid balitla (balikla)”..
    nampak myvi hitam je jerit kesukaan “walid balit!walid balit!”
    sayu je rasa..
    walaupun walidnya selalu takda, tapi walid diala yang paling dia sayang..


  6. uzair ni cheerful laa…happy tgk anak u sorang ni..hehe:D ketawa jer manjang

    athirah plak i rasa ikut u la..athletic! harith plak ikut syauqi jenis yg mcm ala2 tegas, yg tkkan beli handbag utk wife sesuka hati without strong reason…haha


  7. mrs imran:
    cheerful bile mOmmy die ade jer..cube if mOmmy die bla trus meraung nanges.

    oh dear, dont play2…en suami sudah berubah. within less than a year saya sudah dapat 3 handbag..hihi (tanpa perlu ape2 strong reason)


  8. Uzair sgt la gedebob!! I wish I can join Photomama clinic.. bestnyeee.. tiba2 terasa nak jadi SAHM.. blh tak?? nak spend byk masa dgn anak mcm u.. owhh! really miss my son now..


  9. GG:
    bes mmg bes jadi SAHM, tp kadang tu 24/7 dgn diorang bleh naik biul gak..hihi
    jom lar join photomama clinic…


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