Diaper Cake – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Diaper Cake

April 30, 2009

Here’s my attempt at doing a diaper cake…did some trial and error here and there and ain’t sure which is better…

First attempt was like this, but i felt that the ribbon on the first tier not lebar enough…anyone know where can i get nice baby-ish ribbon? but jgn lar suruh pegi beli kat memory lane yg buy ikut meter tu…cekik darah lar harga die.

Atas skali tu consist of 5 pair of socks, but doing a boy diaper cake can be a lil tricky coz the bunch of “roses” looks weird since its in blue. It will look more like roses if it were bunch of pink socks aight?

Does the socks look like a bouquet of flower to you? hihi

Since I can’t find nice broad ribbon, I decided to use a towel blanket for the first tier. Thus having the sail boat pattern could skip me from using ribbon instead.

And oh, I decided to add those “baby on board”. Do you think its better with or without it?

And since the bunch of flower doesnt really look like flowers…i decided to put the socks individually in a circle. So which is better?

Comments are highly appreciated =)
nway, the diaper cake consist of:
66 pureen diapers
5 pairs of mothercare socks
Anakku toileteries
Baby On Board sign
Baby cloths
Baby towel blanket
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  1. its so prettyyy.

    i like without the baby on board thingy coz the color dont go together. but if the thing is in blue, maybe ill blend in better. regardless, this is so cute!


  2. Starry Eyed:
    thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it.

    i used the red board coz fear tat it would be too blue-ish, hence the attempt of a contrast colour.

    wat about the socks? which way is better? bundled up or individually? 😉

    thanks again


  3. sy vote yg 1st picture..yg socks bundled up without the baby on board..sbb its nice n x serabut..weewittt..


  4. i kinda like the very first one… didn’t think the ribbon was too thin at all… bundled up socks looks nicer to me. and yes, i’d do without the red thing on top. maybe a flag or card on a stick with a message or congratulations would look nice?

    wah hanim you so rajin! such a thoughtful gift…


  5. oh like a flag on top of a sailboat instead of the khalifah on board thing would really go with the sailboat theme… just a thought. :))


  6. Hanim,

    I suka the fist picture. Simple!! Suka ribbons tu..

    I suka bundled up socks.. Cute!!

    Little Khalifah on Board tu cuba tampal kat belakang botol2 Anakku tu?

    Tapi mmg warna dia tak match dgn warna pastel yg ada. Tapi baby on board sign mestilah color merah atau kuning kan!!!

    Banyaknye tapi… 😉


  7. my vote goes to the first pic,so sweet…eventho its blue-ish,but it look so sweet,luv it…


  8. hi..
    so sweet & creative! i vote no 1.but little khalifah on the board tu specialla..xpnah nmpk lg..


  9. thanks everyone for ur feedback. will definitely go search for nice ribbon memandangkn ramai prefer the first design.

    nk letak baju pun boleh…anything u want. bleh customade. harga depends on item u nak. nk letak toys, mitten, pacifier, botol susu…just name it =)


  10. vote for 1st pic. a’a board tu nanti takut nampak stand out than benda2 lain. maybe u boleh attach the board with congratulations card. selit sekali. my dua puluh sen.


  11. munirah,
    i think the one yg blue roses tu nicer.its ok to have blue roses for baby boys i think.

    cuma i rasa bottom layer tu, mcm lebar sgt kot, u can do it 3 layers jugak kan?

    as for fancy & nicer ribbons, i think u boleh check out http://www.scrap-n-crop.com its a web for scrapbookers, but diorg ada variety ribbons yg giler cantik coz I went few times to the owner's house.


  12. masa memula tgk tu, ingatkan u copy dr memana site.. rupanya hasil tgn u..

    kalau mcm nie, u dah leh tukar from sahm ke wahm la…

    -mama emma-


  13. thanks mai, dh jenguk web u kasi tp satu jer slack…die gune rhb bank. leceh skit.

    but yup, she has nice ribbons =)

    precious innocent:
    hihi…u want to be my 1st customer?


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