My Saturday – TRIPLETS plus ONE

My Saturday

April 27, 2009

Last friday, i mentioned to En Suami nk main touch rugby the next day. Coz since he was around, he can tlg tgk kn the kids. initial plan was to bring along the elder two so they can run and go wild all over the field. but hArith was asleep when we wanted to leave the hse. in most cases i tend to leave the elder two behind if one is asleep…coz once one awake he/she will search for the other one. so ended up uZAir cam tagging along.

we were late actually. usually game starts at 4pm, but we left the hse at 5pm… so ni lah die org masuk padang tanpa sempat warm-up langsung. smbil lupe diri die ade muscle tear!

i only played for half an hour coz the sun was terik giler and the others played since 4pm and they could no longer take the heat. so they call it off early..sempat lar me main kejap.

uZAir was happy crawling on the grass,and i think he ended up eating some too. jadi kambing lar pulak anak ku ini jap.

Although matahari tgh terik…good thing there were big trees by the side for En Suami n uZAir. so dpt lar duduk bawah redup.

hopefully i can have another run next week. kesian boot saya, dok bersemadi je kt dlm cupboard tu.

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