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April 25, 2009

Couple of days back my kids had playdate. Twice.

The first one was with haiQal, we all went over to the park. All kids were busy roaming around, we were busy chasing after them thus I hardly managed to take photos of them. athirAh tetiba hilang and suddenly saw her at the tip of the climbing frame, looking down at us when we called her name. Benti kejap my jantung fearing that she might just jump off it thinking it was fun.Fuhhh…gud thing hQ’s father was quick enough to run from the other side while I hold on to this side to prevent her from jumping off. And at the same time i had few parents giving me looks of gosh-why-wasn’t-she-taking-care -of-her-daughter.

haiQal, we hope u had a good time running around and a thousand appology coz my kids attack ur food and water bottle. Ampun ya. Hope tak serik tuk join kami lagi

And remember in one of my previous post, i suruh teka the FUN my kids were about to have? Here’s the answer to it…

Yup, water balloons!!!

And this time around we had Faris joining us. haiQal were supposed to join us too but they had last minute guest…

Faris was shy in the beginning, so we took out the ball hoping that would warm him up before getting wet…

Unfortunately i think i kind of make my kids loose interest in the water balloon. coz while i was busy filling up the balloon…the elder two came to me and started taking the balloons n throw at each other. Oh of coz they were amazed at the thing. Each time they drop it, water splashes on their faces. But i ended up scolding them. Coz the moment i fill up 1 balloon…3-4 balloons being destroyed. I wanted to fill up the pail to play later when Faris arrived.

And the result, when I gave the green light to play…they are just not bothered anymore. Coz furthermore, they have their mini pool and water sprinkler too.

At first, Faris masih malu…he was playing with the waterballoons alone…

but later he joined along…throwing the balloons into the mini pool where hArith was.
And that day, hArith found something new…playing with the water host.

And budak ni pulak, dah pandai merangkak merayau kuar dari mini pool
Thanks Faris for coming over…datang lagi yer!!!
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  1. alarrrr nak main water balloon!! sorry u had to go thru all the trouble and we didnt make it. 🙁 didnt know what we were missing!


  2. hye akak! name kite same la..MUNIRAH HANIM..heheh..serius x tipu!!! anyway, ur kids are so beautifuuuuulll.. sy link akak eh. ^_^


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