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April 7, 2009

A week back I did write a small note in one of my post, of sending hArith n athirAh for half-day playschool. Although at the time I wrote, it was more of a decision made by my i’m-breathless-tired-looking-after-them state of mind, En Suami however took my words into consideration. Off we went for kindergarten hunting. Buckle the two kids up and started driving around our neighbourhood.

Came across a newly set up Montessori kindergarten. The kids were having their siesta time playing outside. We did a lil’ observation from our car, and decided to “crash” in. By the time I got down, the kids were already in the hse…press the doorbell and the principal came out. “do you take 21months old? I have twins in the car”. Since I’m right infront of the gate, she can’t shove me away, she invited me in. Hubby n I unbuckle the 2 and went it.

I wouldn’t elaborate much but one thing for sure we were very much impressed with the place. Number one reason I love it because it is not class oriented. Not those typical classrooms environment. Afterall they are only 21 months old I woulnd’t want it to be in their head that they are in school. I want them to associate that place with fun.

Some might ask “tak kesian ker anta kecik2 gi sekolah?” And here’s another reason why I felt in love with that place…it is very much similar to the kindergarten I attended. And I luv my kindy very much, not even a day I was reluctant to go. The environment of the place made me feel dejavu. After looking at the teaching was very much similar to what I had… my mind was already wandering back to the good old days of my kindergarten days. I enjoyed it very much so I’m assuming my kids would enjoy this place too (I hope)

At the moment, we are waiting for the principal to get back to us regarding the enrollment of hArith and athirAh. She’s waiting for a new staff to come in. Once the staff comes in, she’ll accept my kids in. I do hope doesn’t change her mind coz I luv the centre. And even better, syauQi was very much impressed with it too.

So can you imagine these two going to kindergarten? Hihi

If they are accepted in, it means I have more free time in the morning. I’m really interested to venture into sewing but have ZERO knowledge. So where/how do I start?
p/s: My kindergarten teacher passed away few years back, let’s all sedeqah Al-fatihah to her.
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  1. iA ada rezeki utk ur kids n u utk bersantai2 lebih.

    i pun tgh tgk school utk faris. bukan sbb i penat jaga anak bujang yg sorang ni, tp sbb i sian tgk dia tak ramai kawan n jadi pemalu pulak akhir2 ni.


  2. i looveeee sewing. have some basic but not the time. akak rasa playschool for 21m ok. namapun 'play'school and not pre-school. good for social & communication skill.


  3. i started with hand sewing.. then dah excited sgt then baru carik sewing machine.. bile dah ade sewing machine nnt akan gile p kedai nk beli kaen pulak.. Al – fatihah utk ur lovely teacher


  4. akak.. (kalau lg muda sorry ya)..
    nice blog!..
    beautiful kids! alhamdulillah
    Gambar sini pun cantik2


  5. munirah, i lgi plak baru tau nasya nye nursery dia belajar2 gak.belajar nyanyi, main playdoh semua.haha sengal ok..i tot main sesaja jek. iAllah nnti they will become more creative & frenly laa..

    harith looks matured..athirah mcm baby2 lgi..syokla muka baby2 nii


  6. i’m sure they’ll hv fun! nanti cerita pasal the playschool (kalau dpt masuk). the current playschool sarah’s attending now pun mcm best (well, kalau nak dibandingkan dgn my kindy masa kecik dulu la…). Tomorrow sarah will join her first field trip….mama dia pulak yg seronok..hehe 🙂


  7. jua & ummi:
    tu lah jua..main intention nk anta them to playskool so that they socialize n perhaps learn some dicpline i.e listen to instruction (oh of coz besides some free time tuk mommy..hihi)

    tu lah nk blaja but dunno how n where to start…

    my mom has her singer machine..i have yet have the time nk godek tgk still function or not.

    patut lar bile main playdok kt umah die nasya buli mak bapak die..suruh pun segala kt nursery nnti bleh die show off skill kt kawan2..hihi

    mama shmontel:
    i sure do hope they have fun if enroll nanti. tapi lil' worried of athirah…die jenis suke buat hal sendiri macam taiko tapi the truth is if mommy die takde die melalak.

    harith although the manja type he has no problem being "post" over to neighbours' house.

    angkasa, bintan & aserap:
    thanks =)


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