They had a BLAST! – TRIPLETS plus ONE

They had a BLAST!

April 3, 2009

Remember the post of “ A place to call Kampung”? We decided to pay the relatives a visit again. Oh, I’m really loving it. The kids had a blast! The first time we went, we reached there almost noon and it was too hot for the lil ones to play outside. This time around, pApa decided to leave the house after lunch so we can main kejar2 ayam in the evening.

We reached there almost 4pm. It was drizzling, so we killed the time by eating yummy roti canai home cooked by syauQi’s cousin. Or shall I say home-tebar? After done with the meal, weather was being kind to us. So we brought the kids out to see the chicken. But looks like chicken wasn’t that interesting for them (unless it is served on dish for their meal…hihi) Guess what was more interesting???

WATER, air tadahan hujan…

At first they were just dipping their hands and they peek at me to see if I would stop them. Then they started tapping on the water. Still no sign of disapproval from me.

Tgk lar, time ni baru main celup2 tgn, baju masih kering

gelak bedekah2 dpt main air, sure dlm hati diorang confused “aik asal kali ni org tua2 tak cakap NO?

Next, they started splashing at each other. They were testing their limits I guess. Since we didn’t stop them, they happily continue splashing at one another.

uZAir who was standing at a distance from hArith n athirAh also joined them laughing away. He could feel the excitement too although he wasn’t even near the water.. So we brought him to the water too.

uZAir excited dapat main splash2 gak

Pastu terus kena celup dalam air…hAppy giler

It was nice to see the joy and excitement from their facial expression.

the hAppy grandauntie seeing the lil’ ones having a blast at her home ground, playing in the kampung-style-swimming-pool….

At first syauQi’s auntie and cousin were afraid my lil ones will get dirty, but belakang citer mak budak yg happy tgk the lil’ ones all wet n dirty.

hArith started playing with the mud. He was amazed to see the water changes colour when he put the soil in. Kesian uZAir berendam dlm air keruh… So since the water was already muddy, the kids moved on to basin pulak. They were sooo happy. Splashing n laughing away. Oh gelak tawa diorang masih bermain2 dlm my kepala. It was pure fun for them.

The big bro watching over the younger siblings…

Unfortunately it started to drizzle again, rinse the kids and isi perut lagi., hihi. Kali ni dpt roti jala pulak =)

Makan lagi….

The kids sure did had a great time, which automatically makes me hAppy too =)

Oh, tgk ni athirAh buat karate kid

And uZAir hAppily roam around smbil hidu udara segar kampong.

And sape nk teka hArith tgh pointing to wat?

Hmm..lagi bes balik kampung dpd gi Genting or Bukit Tinggi tau. Kt genting budak2 takde pun gelak bedekah dekah…

Oh btw, syauQi just left tadi for a 10 days the countdown begins. Oh how i wish i can fast fwd the time, the kids all grown up so we could all tag along pApa.

10 days to go, wish me luck!

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  1. anonymous:
    wow ade org sudah jatuh chenta dgn teruna saya..
    wahh hArith kecik2 dh ade secret admire lah, hihi


  2. Hanim….

    I’m so happy to see their faces… mmg genuine gile diorg happy!

    So happy to know that you approve their actions… main air tadahan, explore lumpur etc..

    Banyak parent sekarang ni mcm takut anak kotor..takut nak letak anak atas rumput/tanah.. takut kene kuman and all that stuff..

    Mmg betul.. but then we are limiting our child to explore our mother nature… which is very very very important for their development as a wholistic person!!

    Hmmm… I guess we shud have balance in this kan?


  3. i support 100% on what u ladies has been saying…let them explore…

    btw,u’ll be fine,i know u will…


  4. exactly hanum, i want my kids to explore all. let them learn and feel the different texture. tat’s y i was happy when i knew we hv a place to call kampung =)

    their faces and laughter were priceless.

    mmg no doubt byk parents doesnt allow their kids to do so, but for me..let them hv fun pastu sental lar betul dgn sabun or nk better gune sabun dettol.

    oh in fact mase my kids baru nk blaja jln, petang2 i biarkn diorang kaki ayam. let them feel the ground. now kena pakai kasut sbb dh lari ke sana sini their kuku boleh “patah”

    hanum, add ym i: plz
    bleh borak2


  5. munirah..
    that was so awesome! seronoknye tgk pics diorg main2 kat kampung! hey have u turned into a photographer too on top of everything else?those pics look great!

    pss..harith dah big boyla..hensem!


  6. MommyAdam:
    hmm, kalau dapat join Adam lari kat park in london smbil kejar pigeon sure seronok jugak kn!

    well, im still learning how to take good photos like ur husband, hihi. u can join too, click the photomama banner on my blog. afterall the gadget u dah ade.


  7. queenIzyan:
    time bersuka ria mmg nmpak cute tp menanges lak mmg menguji kesabaran…hihi

    btw, u too u take nice photos. i blajar from photomama. click lar on the banner n join =)

    if u tgk gmbar2 i before this sume hampeh2..i br join photomama since february 09


  8. i have dslr but dont hv chance to belajar betul2. belajar sendiri2 jek. sungguh sadis.

    ohhh hensem2 lah anak kamu 🙂


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