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Yay, pApa's home!

April 13, 2009

Kids were so hAppy to see pApa came home (oh of coz mOmmy were hAppy too, smpai jiran depan pun dgr kegembiraan kami, hihi)

athirAh became so worried that pApa might “dissapear” for long again, that she basically cried whenver syauQi was out of her sight. she demanded to be carried all the time. nk masuk toilet, solat sume pun payah, she would cry. panic tul die takut pApa keja lame2 lagi. infact tonite, she wanted syauQi to put her to sleep. That’s very very rare, it was always ME that had to put her to sleep.

It was raining in the afternoon, but weather was being kind to us. Rain stopped at about 5-ish, so we had fun time outside!

See, athirAh refused to be placed down. Was so very clingy to pApa.

And here’s my lil uZAir yg gedebob…hihi

big brother hArith wanted to pushed uZAir around…
Hmm, wondering why was hArith so comot / dirty?

Coz he did a lil’ gardening…he had a blast playing with the soil

comot kan? takpe yang penting hAppy =)
Oh, not only we are hAppy coz pApa’s home…but also bcoz we got sooo many goodies =) =) =)

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  1. hArith, athirAh, uzAir sume comey2 tau. auntie zura pun nk sorAng la… kids,pasni jgn kasi papa travel lama2 lagik tau!!!


  2. munirah.. congratulations on the welcoming back of dear mr hubby. lega sikit you insyaallah ek? =) have fun all of you…


  3. bam bamnye uzair..geget tangan tu kang ngapppppp!!anyway tulisan dalam blog ni mmg warna grey ke or my pc yang problem ek??hehehe always have to highlight to read this blog..i guess my pc la problemo kot hehehhe


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