May 15, 2009

Oh yesterday, a lil’ creature invaded our house…suddenly i notice it was riding my kids’ little coupe…

here’s a lil close up of it…

it went all over the garden.hmm, to whom does this lil creature belongs?

hihi, a hint here…guess sape punye perut buncit tu…

here’s a lil’ hint…can u guess what is the “lil’ creature” doing?… *hint*hint* soil…

Oh of coz lar our little handy man cum gardener…Mr hArith =)

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  1. Salam …
    cute nya ..
    Ngan tak pakai baju ….
    I really kagum tengok u biar kan anak2 main pasir .. run around the garden … Not every mum sanggup biarkan anak2 nya buat camtu …
    Mostly bukan kerana takut kena bacteria ke apa ..tapi sebenar nya malas nak buat cleaning up after dia orang main …
    And i one off them ..hehehe 😛


  2. harith is super duper cute!

    kak munirah,
    i’ve been ur silent reader for all this while. i never had the guts to jot something here, perhaps because of i’m much much much younger than ur readers. and i have never really like a baby boy, until i met harith in ur blog!

    i really really adore u, for being so strong to cope with three of them, with three different characters! i wish i could be just like u, in.. maybe 4-5 years? insyaAllah..

    semoga harith, athirah dan uzair membesar menjadi anak anak yg cerdik, soleh solehah, berjaya dan berbakti kepada org tuanya.. amin..


  3. cybermummy:
    in my case lak, i lebih rela clean their mess dpd diorang terlebih energy…lagi penat nk layan.

    so each time kasi main luar camtu, sure letih and malam cepat skit tido, hihi

    harith: “auntie nk join harith but gardening tak?” hihi


  4. her:
    hi there!

    amin (i amin kn doa u =) )

    xpe, kat sini age is not an issue, hihi…tua muda sume same jer =)

    i pun dulu selalu adore baby gal coz we can always dress them up and all…tp now my gal ganas die cam laki jugak, aiyakk..hihi

    and in 2 3 years im pretty sure u’ll be a great mom too..(hihi, i’m making it faster, u kate 4 5 years, i lak yg cepatkn tuk u…hihi)

    and looking forward to hear from you again =)


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