Baby Wan Aryanna Marissa – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Baby Wan Aryanna Marissa

May 9, 2009

Attended majlis aqiqah today with athirAh alone. Left the other 2 behind coz they were asleep. Although syauQi is not around, i decided to go since the house is just in the neihbouring housing area.

And i brought my camera along so i could use the opportunity to practise my photography. Hmm, but with athirAh around…couldnt really took much photos. She created chaos in the house. She was non-stop on the move. Mujuh lar takde pape yg pecah.

Nway, here are some of the shots that I managed to capture..

To the Tuan Rumah, thanks for the great hospitality. Hope tak serik to have my lil rascal in ur hse again =)

psst…have u ever received words of inspiration that u actually smile ear to ear just like a 5 year old kids getting a sticker on their book? Well, that’s what I felt today =))))no no, it’s nothing about the photographs

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