Fishes – TRIPLETS plus ONE


May 17, 2009

Remember bout the lil creature that invaded our garden? This time around, the lil creature invaded our neighbours fish pond….

We were at our neighbour’s house, and just when my eyes were just few seconds off them…they were all wet attacking the fishes in the pond. They started splashing the water just like how they did it in Kampung Tanjung Malim.

It all started with dipping their hands in it… i was a few seconds late at stopping them, and they began splashing the water

In fact, both of them were trying to get into the pond…one foot was already in the pond and i put a stop to it…
Tgk hArith kasi muka kerek die

Sukahati diorang jer kacau those fishes, lawan tauke tul sbb anak tuan rumah pun tak main macam tu…

Before returning home, i check on the fishes, glah they were still alive…takut gak mati sbb hArith n athirAh celup kaki. Mane lar tau kaki busuk sgt smpai pengsan ikan2 tu

En Suami balik from work, i showed him the picture..pApa bising “hoi kotor lar main kolam ikan”. Hear that more kolam ikan

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  1. hehehe!!
    so cute ..
    cian ikan pengsan..
    tak pe nanti mummy nya leh buat CPR kat fishes tu …
    Lain kali buat lagi …
    auntie tengok cute sangat … 😛
    Sukaaaa …


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