Gardening – TRIPLETS plus ONE


May 28, 2009
Last weekend we went to En Suami’s parents’ home and hArith hAppily did some gardening.
He was busy sweeping the dried leaves but realised he wasn’t using the right “tool”.

It was really smart of him to change it to penyapu lidi…ha, tersenget2 ni nk angkat penyapu lidi…

And again, everything is about scooping =)

And uZAir on the other hand is sooo much like athirAh (character wise), one of it is…sume mende nk masuk mulut, see…

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  1. alamak…harith ni rajin betol….untung dapat ank bujang rajin….hehehehe…shumelll



  2. wah…boleh buat menantu ini harith…
    Uzair mcm hannah la.. semua benda nak masuk mulut..agak semua baby mcm tu yek?
    ini hannah baru 6 bulan sudah 2 batang gigi, bahu i (kalau i dukung) habis dia geget2..



  3. well, lets hope hArith punye kerajinan will be forever..jgn kecik2 je minat tapi bile besar ape pun taknk tolong..hihi

    he’s very much like the father…bapak die sume mende bleh buat bukan macam mOmmy die. aiyoo athirAh oh athirAh kenapa ikut mcm mommy, ikut lar macam pApa


  4. rajinnyer..
    dah handsome..
    tpi kecik agy kalau dah besar….
    by the way kakak nyer kg yang pontian tu kat ner…??


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