Multiwear – TRIPLETS plus ONE


May 30, 2009

Would u believe that this small piece of cloth can be used in all these different ways

as a skirt…

or top AND skirt, like this

or this…

or just the top like this…

or this…

or this…

the backview…

and best of all…for nursing mom, u would luv this!!!
You can wear it like this…

or wear it as a poncho


to feed ur lil one =)

See, feeding ur lil one in public is no longer a problem! =)

cool kan,

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  1. anonymous:
    keep on visiting the blog as i will launch it soon.

    Mommy Lyna:
    tp cam dh telambat nk join the contest..hihi


  2. yes! yes! yes! i’m interested!

    cantekkknyeee!!!!!! i suka gileeee poncho ni…kat mane u beli???


  3. adakah model2 itu tuan empunya blog? so stylo .. =)

    selama i BF baby2 i 6 thn lebih ni , xpenah lg ade nursing wear khas utk BF .. huhuu

    care to vote for me ?hehe ..

    salam kenalan ..

    i’m #9 ..


  4. Ummi Hannie:
    last 2 pics je tuan empunye blog…gmbar yg lain tu model yg dirahsiakn identetinye..hihi

    mrs imran:
    kain bamboo tu mcm mane ek?


  5. darl,where can i get the scarf? i can use it during breastfeeding rayhan.. cantik.. x mcm yg jual kat mothercare,hitam n x cantik.


  6. wahh rayhan breastfeed lagi ek? cool!
    soon u can get the multiwear here…yes here as in my blog, hihi
    im in the process hunting for nice materials to do it 😉


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