PhotoClinic – TRIPLETS plus ONE


May 6, 2009
We went to the PhotoMama photoclinic the other day. This time around, En Suami was around to join us. As usual the elder two would roam around everywhere the moment we reached Lake Garden.

Yeah, look at her expression! =)

This fella was also busy crawling everywhere…

Good thing, we drag along Hanah coz we really need the extra pair of eyes to look after the 3 of them. I think hArith gave Hanah a really good workout..chasing around after him. Or shuld I said chasing after the ball ensuring it did not go into the pond. Poor Hanah, kena buli ngan hArith…

Here’s Hanah stopping hArith from throwing the ball towards the direction of the pond, while hArith saying “enough picture of me mOmmy…i want to be set free!” haha

Weather was extremely hot. (for syauQi especially- susah gak org dah biasa dgn udara sejuk negara lain) We couldnt take much photos coz of the hot weather. It was just too tiring to chase after them under the hot sun.

However im quite impressed with my kids, they behaved well despite the hot sun. No crankiness nor grumpiness. Infact, athirAh sempat took a break to recharge herself and get back on her feet after drinking her milk.

Back in action after fully recharged…

And hArith drank his water till the last drop…

see, sun was just too hot that athirAh just wasn’t bothered to smile at the camera..

hmm, mungkin next time kena propose start awal skit. 9 – 11am cam dah panas sgt. Tp nk ke org bgn awal pagi on a Saturday?…

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  1. dah 2 kali photoclinic ni…but i takde peluang jer nak g joint..:( tunggu session ke-3 la plak…hope takde pape program on that day.


  2. frust sbb xleh join.. hubby & myself kerja hari sabtu… xleh ke mintak propose kat sn buat hari ahad…

    tp for sure xleh kan, sbb ahad hari cuti dia la pulak.. hmmmm

    anyway, superb photo.. nak2 yg last pic tu..

    -mama emma-


  3. cantik nya gambar.. 🙂

    aktifnya athirah..

    alahai, saya rasa kena buat kat Pusat Sains la.. kalau rasa panas, boleh buat indoor. ada galeri pameran yang colorful! so, insya allah x kan ada masalah la kalau stakat nak capture gambar… 🙂 hehe.. tolong la propose kat saiful nang.. 🙂


  4. last pic best, ..hehe u follow tutorial baru tu eh..jadi laaa..terer2..

    i ada email u tadi…


  5. Wahh bila la I nak enroll ni. Nak join tak sempat2. Hopefully boleh allocate some time to join and learn the tutorial.


  6. salam…

    been your silent reader… Subhanallah, your children are great and comelllssss! Congrats!

    and your photos, too… keep up the good work!


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