Their 1st day, tomorrow – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Their 1st day, tomorrow

May 13, 2009

Nothing much to say here since nothing much happened these past few days. But I can hardly catch up with my kids’ speed. Imagine, all three going different direction…so regardless how fast u may run, u can never chase all three…One word for it. Tired.

But, insyaAllah less running for me tomorrow. The elder two will be starting their first day of school tomorrow!!! Hope things go accordingly, i really cant imagine how it will be tomorrow. It will be more of trial and error. For the time being, they will only go 3 times a week and we will see if they are ok with it and also if the teachers are okay with them.

I really hope they teacher won’t turn back at me and say “errr, your kids are running everywhere, perhaps you can try sending them again next year” geezz…hope i wont hear that from the teacher.

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  1. wa.. lepas ni mommy blh la rehat skit n ur kids blh la bersosial dgn other kids…

    for me, after sending my twins to nursery, diorg learn to be independent n berkawan yg bestnye mcm2 la diorg akan belajar.. tp yg kelakarnye, my twins ni kuat bergaduh, tp kalo gaduh mesti gaduh berdua je, x nk gaduh dgn org lain.. smpai cikgu dia cerita, even time mewarna pun, diorg smpat lagi tarik2 rambut… huhu…


  2. no pressure for them! if they like it, mommy boleh la rest sikit. but if they prefer their mommy to play with them 24/7, enjoy your privilege as a SAHM, hunneh! (i wish i can go to work only 3 days a week! ha ha…)


  3. Lepas nih blh la Munirah rest sket, kan??.. tapi i bet mesti u akan rindu diorang giler² esok sbb u all selalu bersama.. mesti tak sabar nak tunggu diorang balik rumah.. trust me.. hehehe


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