2 Years Young Celebration – TRIPLETS plus ONE

2 Years Young Celebration

June 11, 2009

So how did we celebrate the elder 2 birthday?

On that day, En suami keja and and got back home at about 7pm. During the day, brought the kids out to OU…wanted to at least get them a birthday cake. Tapi cam tak terasa nk makan secret receipi…furthermore cam too big for us, nanti sure cake tu betapa dlm fridge and last2 buang. Disebabkn nk cari cake yg confirm abis tak kn membuang…tot of buying Hagen Danz. Unfortunately, flavour bes takde..i dont like vanila based ice cream..wanted chocolate.

Tried Baskin Robbin…but their cake is not 100% ice cream..half sponge cake, takut nanti besemadi gak cake tu dlm peti ais. Last2 went home without a cake. MAybe Allah nk suruh bini ni dgr ckp suami..kn suami kate no celebration, so nk cari cake pun jadi halangan. Nk cari deco pun takde…sume tuk 1st b’day, 2nd bday elek takde langsung. Went home with tangan kosong.

At about 6pm En Suami called and asked me anything at home? I said, “nope”. he thought i was kidding. Hmm, cam tak logic kot bini ni tak buat ape2, after all the fuss merayu nk celebration. He then asked “takde pape?” again my reply “takdelah”. “alar..ade kn u order cake secret receipi print gmbar diorang on it” . and again my reply “takdee”

After I hang up the phone, piki blk, cam kesian lar my kids…so drag my ent to Plaza Solaris, Mont Kiara. My first time there…seriously didn’t know tetiba ade pembangunan gedabak macam itu. Hmm, mungkin sbb dah ade izin suami kn nk beli cake. Yay, jumpe cake Hagen Danz choc cookies flavour and coincidently it is children-like design. Parking pun senang jer jumpe. And sis saw the Party World shop..so she belanja baloon “babibabibabibabi” for small deco.

Here’s the cake

Went home did a lil’ set up like this…

Sang the birthday song…and gosh their faces….a bunch of happy kids! Smiling away and clapping to the rhythm. uZAir was even more happier…ternganga2 mulut.

It makes my heart melt away seeing their happiness. I guess they might not understand what birthday means but they were sure happy enough being the centre of attention.

After singing, we get them to cut the cake…all by themselves. hArith was happy given the permission to do so. While he cut..athirAh cheered for him. And athirAh had a chance of cutting the cake too.

It was really cute. We didn’t prompt her to clap for hArith, she did it all by herself =)

Oh, I miss out on something…we wanted to do some candle blowing trial, guess what athirAh wanted to do…instead of blowing it she wanted to eat up the fire..hiihih. After stopping her from eating the fire, her next attempt was to touch the fire..aiyooo.

So hArith jer lar did the candle blowing..

Overall it was a short 30mins celebration but enough to see their glowy happy faces =) =)

And what else did we do for their birthday? A family photo session in a white studio, stay tuned for that =)

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  1. oh my, cutenya athirah cheered for harith.. 🙂 sweet nya.. 🙂 seronok, kan, dah besar dah budak berdua ni.. hihi 🙂

    uzair pun pandai.. happy je.. 🙂

    so sweet.. 🙂


  2. i mcm nk ternagis tadi bila u kata no celebration at all for the kids.

    and bila tgk gambar diaorg cheering and happy, tidakkah u rasa…like terkilan kalau u really tk buat even this simple celebration?

    sebaik u buat ok. no need to be a grand one. yg mcm ni pon dh ok dah 🙂

    happy beday to athirah and harith!!


  3. kenapa i tak dpt baca blog u? kelabu sgt ke background dia? :/

    anyway, tak sangka dah 2 thn mereka.. my Aliah in 4 months time will turn to 2 tp tgk comell je 😉


  4. Salam, saya ni abah to 3 girls (1 + preemie twins). I can totally relate to your experiences. I admire yours and your husband's strengths. All the best. I'll be visiting often.


  5. yuhuu tripletPLUSone,

    saw your blog link @ photomama…last time i met u @ ur house for 1st photomama gathering…

    sekejap je dh besar your twins tuh..

    happy happy 2nd birthday to athirah & harith!

    ibu airell @ airanggi


  6. yup, it was very nice to see their happy faces.

    betul tu mrs imran..if tak buat pape mmg akn rase terkilan. If ikutkn hati mmg nk buat…tapi En Suami asyik membantut kn plan i jer…

    hmm, i baca okay jer. tapi since mayb ade org lain same prob ngan u jugak…so i dh tukar font warna biru. clear tak skrang?

    hi, salam perkenalan.
    lets share the ups n downs in raising the kids.
    sleepless night tu mmg takleh nk avoid lar kn. im happy that my twins bleh pegang botol susu sendiri dh..so tgh malam just have to bancuh and passed them their milk (and cross my fingers that they will go back to sleep,hihi)

    but it is more tiring with uZAir since he breastfeed..he wakes up almost every 2-3 hours..

    btw, ur twins, premie brapa weeks?


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