2 Years Young – TRIPLETS plus ONE

2 Years Young

June 8, 2009

It’s 8:18am now. 2 years ago…at this particular time, I was on the hospital bed fighting for my babies’ life.

I was already 9cm dilated but doctors were trying to stop me from giving birth as I was only in my 26 weeks gestation, And the main reason they asked me to hold on was because they didn’t have enough ventilator.

I could hear they were busy making phone calls. Calls after calls were made. And finally they came to inform me, they dont have enough ventilator, thus only one baby could be with me, Another one would be send to Hospital Selayang and one would be send to Hospital Ampang.

And Alhamdulillah, it was their rezeki to be together. 2 premature babies were discharge…thus they have 2 ventilator available. The minute I heard they have enough ventilator. I alarmed the doctor, “dah tak tahan sgt ni…”

Within seconds the room was full. Doctor after doctor came in, and not to mentioned nurses after nurses. I can still remember the scenario and the conversation ” okay, i’ll be here with the ultrasound, monitor babies’ position…u be there, and u here…u do this, u do that…and u standby here”, a doctor was assigning duties.

Nurses were like cheerleaders cheering on the football field. seriously i had more than a dozen of them! “ha..betul tu…lagi lagi lagi lagii” they were full force cheering for me. but i can still remember their faces. their voices and faces were contradicting. i could see their panic faces, i could sense their fear. Yes, i was pushing it right but there were afraird of my babies’ life.

At 9:05am, ahmAd hArith was born..at only 760gram.

Me: doctor bile lagi nk push?

doctor: bile awak rasa, push lah

me: dah rasa ni

doctor: okay, push mcm tadi

and at 9:11am arwah alesYa zAra was born (564grm) and again with another 6 mins interval athirAh zAhraa (600grm) was born.

However, unlike other mothers…i didnt hear my babies’ cry during labour. it took me almost 3 months to hear hArith’s and athirAh’s cry.

They sure went through alot.

arwah alesYa pulang ke rahmatullah on the 11th June 2007 at 1:17pm

and despite my reason here, there will still be no party

mayb a makan2 at hArith’s skool…

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  1. uish.. senangnya dia push! jelesnya.. saya x reti push la.. 🙁 sedih..

    anyway, alhamdulillah.. dah 2 tahun dah athirah dan harith! 🙂


  2. happy 2nd birthday to both harith & athirah.. semoga panjang umur & murah rezki.. semoga menjadi anak2 yg soleh & solehah.. insyallah..


  3. alhamdulillah..

    happy birthday harith & athirah!

    semoga pjg umur, murah rezeki dan membesar menjadi anak2 yg soleh dan solehah..



  4. happy birthday Harith&Athirah..
    semoga terus menjadi anak yg cemerlang.
    p/s: sis, i'm your silent reader. very excited to leave comment today coz hari ni birthday saya juga. byk entry sis yang menjadi inspirasi/memberi ilham kpd sy utk mendidik anak sy yg berusia 2thn 4bln..tq very much 🙂


  5. hye mummy harith and athirah…sy s'org p'bace senyap blog ni..hihi..nak say hi..sy sgt malu n segan..n sgt heppi bace p'kembangan harith and athirah…n tlg peluk n cium kan mereka utk saya kerana saya n ur miracle babies share birthdate yg same which is today (9.6.2009)..yeay!!!…


  6. Happy Birthday dear Harith and Athirah!

    Moga tumbuh jadi anak yg soleh dan solehah yea! Stay cute k. Dun noti2. ^_^


  7. Happy 2nd Birthday harith & athirah!:) tak lupe jugak utk arwah alesya..semoga jadi anak yang soleh & solehah. 😉


  8. Mun, if u say "dah tak tahan…" CONFIRM MEMANG SAKIT GILA! You by far rank the toughest lady in my book! 🙂
    Happy birthday Lil Shouq and Lil Mun!


  9. Happy birthday dear beautiful twins. You guys are the real survivors….!!!! Subhanallah!

    p.s munirah, yr blog makes me addicted and lots and lots of air mata tumpah reading this. You're such a brave and strong mummy..!!!



  10. Happy birthday twin….semoga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki yer…semoga menjadi anak yang soleh dan solehah….yang pandai ilmu dunia dan akhirat…juga jgn lupa jasa kedua org tua mu yang berkorban untuk kalian berdua….


  11. well all this while silent reader jer…but arini cant stop myself from pressing the keyboard..
    watt?? no celebration??? y not? En Syauqi buat lar celebration…not just for the kids but for the mommy who has been dealing with all the ups n downs raising them 24/7. she definitely deserve it even if u thinks the kids tak paham…
    do one for the mother then…hihi

    and im sure ur lil ones will be happy too..

    and jgn lupe take pics byk2…luv ur kids pics!!


  12. Munirah dear,
    Since 3 yrs ago I have changed my idea of celebrating my birthday. Its the day that I celebrate my mum's ordeal to bring me into the world.Of course you'd have to wait a long while till your children would celebrate you…hehhe.

    And that gives my mum 7 birthdays to celebrate!



  13. Hi there!
    happy birthday darlings.Please collect your birthday gift yah!

    Aunt Fadd&Uncle Apeng


  14. epi besday to both of them..they sure wnet thru a lot of things together…

    nk gelak baca entry athirah sebut barney tu hahah..


  15. Salam..Happy birthday to harith & athirah!

    Buatla celebration,not only them yang nak fun, you as parent also shd celebrate all the penat-lelah taking care of them..

    if ade celebration dont forget invite us!! hahaha


  16. hi there, i just bloghopped here from babybooned blog and i'm instantly hooked. happy birthday to harith & athirah!


  17. happy birthday my dear athirah and harith!!! hope you two had a beautiful birthday, cutie munchkins… mmmuuaahhh!! =)


  18. Thanks all for ur luvly wishes and dua' dear. ameen =)

    and a big HELLO to the silent reader (yg no longer jadi silent…hihi) =)

    its a pity tat i need to hv my own kids to have the same thought as urs. u r definitely right…our birthday should be a celebration for our moms =)

    wahh rase mcm over rated lar pulak..smpai dpt label as toughest lady.

    well actually yg dh tak tahan tu was sbb dah tak tahan kena tahan…get wat i mean. coz i was trying to stop the babies from popping out. tu cakp kat doctor…dah takleh tahan ni sbb babies mmg dh nk kuar sgt..

    well, after u witness ur wife deliver…im sure u'll mark her as
    one tough lady too =)

    am happy to know tat there are ppl who luvs reading my babbles =)


  19. happy birthday harith & athirah

    bila baca terbayang2 pulak masa dlm labour room. terbyg2 yg nak kuar tu bukan sorg tp 3 org!!! hebatt sungguh

    btw, harith & athirah, we share the same birth date!!!


  20. Alamak…i lambat wish kat twins laa…
    Happy Birthday dear Harith n Athirah..
    Mudah-mudahan anak2 auntie ini membesar menjadi anak yang taat dan soleh n solehah..
    Sentiasa sihat dan diberkati dunia dan akhirat…Aminn..



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