365 Project – TRIPLETS plus ONE

365 Project

June 26, 2009

After reading in Lana’s blog bout the 365 project..i think i should be doing one.  Since the elder 2 just turn 2..i do feel it’s ideal time to start on with this project.

So started looking at my Picture folder and realise that i have pictures of them almost everyday since they turn 2. From the 9th till 25th…i’m missing out photos on date 12th and 15th.

Hmm..not bad aight. I actually do take lots of their photos. Giler mama-razzi, hihi.

So here’s coutdown starting from yesterday:

 25th June:

We found out that Tesco having promo for MammyPoko. Off we went immediately and there wasn’t any limit set per customer. Took 12 of it. We save RM 12 per pack…so that’s RM144 save!


pApa got back from Shanghai and bought this for hArith. Tried it on uZAir and he really look like me when i was small. Will scan a pic of me wearing this kind of baju.



24th June:

While hArith lazing around on the bed, i notice he has pretty big feet. See, it’s more than half the size of mine.





hArith came home from skool and fell asleep while having his lunch!



22nd June:

Had friends came over and the kids were so happy coz they were allowed to play outside at 3pm!


Oh, we now hafta take candid shot of hArith coz if he sees us with camera…he will come right infornt of you. Like this….


And have I told you…uZAir has start walking!




hAppy Fathers’ Day!!!


Brought the kids for relative wedding. They can now eat by themselves at wedding. Yeahh…more free hand for us =)




Attended friend’s baby shower, and the kids had a blast playing water in the garden.



 Err…while hArith and athirAh busy checking out the new surrounding. uZAir was busy checking out on chic! hihi


hArith did waffle for breakfast…for Tuk Ki and pApa.



19th June:

Kids busy doing art to decorate Fathers’ Day celebration



 uZAir’s first attempt with the paint



18th June:

Fun time at the Casa, thanks Jua for the invite =)





 17th June:

Dinner with the in-laws to celebrate June babies’ birthday

(and this was when athirAh jatuh tegolek patah gigi skit)



16th June:

Royal Private Luncheon. Brought uZAir along, he behaved perfectly well.

(my first time leaving my elder two behind at home for 5 hours)




 15th June: No photos =(

14th June:

Brought athirAh for haircut coz her curl was out of control, haha. And see wat happen…comot okay muka. We umpan her with chocolate so she would sit still. And on the way home she doze off with choc all over her face…





13th June:

Attended birthday party with theme Superheros and Super villains. hArith became MY superhero!


12th June:Sorry no photo =(


11th June:

White Studio photo session


10th June: No photos again =(

9th June:

hAppy 2 years YOUNG!!!






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  1. i love this 365P idea. Best!!! Waktu photocamp, SN ada bgtau tiap2 hari kena amik pic. Sebulan sekurang2nya lebih seratus keping.

    Hoke, starting this July….i nak start 365P. Jom! Then kita publish semua pic dalam satu bulan tu setiap end of d month. ok tak?


    Munirah Reply:

    i plan nk publish on weekly basis..sbb if nk tunggu sebulan jenuh gak nk upload 30 gmbar
    tu if satu hari satu gmbar…if not ade kang smpai 40-50gmbar dlm one entry..hihi
    jom, jom mulakn ini project..
    arini dh amiq gmbar blum? i dah, hihi


  2. i did my 365 project since my anakande lahir. tapi tu lah, i need a small camera yang senang dibawa ke mana sahaje. bawak d40 ni berat huhuuuu.. dengan anak lagi, beg diaper lagi, mana nak bawak d40 lagih. nak2 kalau nak snap candid, i think, i need a smaller one.


    Munirah Reply:

    if only im aware of such thing..i would have done the same to my kids…
    so ur 365 project ade yg ter-miss tak?
    i mmg bwk je i punye camera tu…sbb my compact mmg dh hilang.
    and furthermore dah rase nikmat dslr..hihi


  3. hihiii ada gak ter-miss atas sebab2 kamera habis bateri and the same time hp pon bateri kong. haa elok la tu.


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