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4 Years Ago – The Dua'

June 6, 2009

Fuhh, it has been few days i’m trying to get this done…and i’m only half way there…

Nway, 4 years ago…the most memorable moment during my wedding reception was the Dua’ and Advise given by Prof Kamal Hassan. I felt so honoured that he was willing to do so upon my parents’ request.

He has such a lovely voice and not to mentioned those words he pronounce sounds perfectly beautiful. I still remember that during my UIA days, if he were to be given speech during the Ta’aruf Week…we seriously didn’t mind hearing him for hourssss.

I managed to trim down the video, but I devided it into two parts, his Dua’ and second part is his Advise..but i’m still struggling to get the second part done.

Mari kite same2 meng-ameen-kn dua ini =)

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