My lil' chicken – TRIPLETS plus ONE

My lil' chicken

June 27, 2009

Oh tak tak..saya tak ternak ayam dan saya juga takde barn kt facebook. But my lil son walk like a chicken…look at his hand. hihi


Been wanting to blog about my lil uZAir has started walking but kept on forgetting. He started walking at the age of 10 1/2 months and now are very much comfortable walking…

Although he just started walking, but he prefers it that way rather than crawling. Yup, some commented that he started walking rather fast…but i think he had his crawling duration long enough since he crawled sine 6 1/2 months. so that’s like 3 months of crawling. should be enough for his brain development i hope.

Lets have a closer look at my “chicken” in the garden…=)


He walk steady enough for him to play ice grass hockey.


Boo!!! (ha tekejut tak..hihi)


And here’s my lil’ chic with a cheeky face =)


 ok..asyik gmbar anak2 jer…nk jugak mak bapak dpt publisiti…hahah

parents’ version of ONE TWO WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE





p/s: sorry im very new with wordpress…tekebil2 nk letak gmbar, tu pasal the photos sizes are not the same

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  1. Yay uzair dah jalan, munira cpt gak anak u dah jln, congratulation. Wahhh…. nanti makin tak cukup tangan dan kaki nak kejar…


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