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A "beach" in the garden

June 1, 2009

I always wanted to bring my kids to the beach, for them to play with the sand. And also it is good to expose them to different texture. Somehow rather, we have yet have the oppportunity to do so.

So lately, i’ve been wanting to have a sandpit in the garden. Thought of making a trip to the beach..in which PD lah nearest to bring back sands. When we were little, my parents brought back sand from Langkawi! I told En Suami, but he said beli jer pasir sungai kat nursery pokok2 tu. But smpai sudah cam tak beli2 pun. The other day we were in The Curve, i went in the Think Toys shop (formerly known as ELC) and to my suprised, they sell pasir…play sand for children. I was delighted tapi agak mahal for just a pasir, sekampit of 15kg was RM39. I bought just one kampit to see quality macam mane.

Next problem was to get a sandpit. I searched high n low for it. Toys r us pun tak jual. After few days of failure cari sandpit, i became frustrated. Ye lah..pasir dah ade, tapi mane nk letak. I was already looking fwd to let hArith play with it.

And then, En Suami came out with the brilliant idea, beli fish pond yg slalu kat garden tu…yg fiber punye bekas tu. So off i went to those Hardware shop..gi check kt Ikano and also OU, tapi skrang trend kayu dah lapuk…ade yg bricks jer. Kecewa lagi!

Next day, went with my mom to those nursery kat area sg buloh. Walaaaa. Found it, tapi harga die lar pulak. If ikutkn i wanted to settle with just those fiber container kosong. Asalkn bleh letak pasir cukup lar kan. Tapi memandangkn it will be parked in my mom’s garden, she wouldnt want to settle with just that. She insisted on those proper pond with kayu and all.

So here’s our sandpit….

At first, hArith wasn’t sure what was it all about? He didn’t want to sit on the sand. Instead he sat like above…but after awhile he was then lost in his world of sand =)

scoop, scoop and scoop…

athirAh wasn’t that much interested compared to hArith

she spend about 30 mins in it before dissapearing somewhere else

but before dissapearing, she did get a taste of the sand…

meanwhile, hArith were soo occupied with the sand that he simply ignored me and the camera. I called him like a thousand times for him to smile to the camera…

khusyuk tul dgn pasir…

and finally, one shot of him facing the camera

And it was almost maghrib, call it off die mengamuk nak main lain. Even after covering the sandpit..he jump in it again, refused to stop playing. He was in it more than an hour!

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  1. munirah, u perasan x? indirectly u dah mcm homeschool ur children nie? sbb benda2 nie semua mcm ada dlm syllabus yg mama fiza praktikkan…

    -mama emma-


  2. what a brilliant idea.. my son yg baya harith dgn athirah pun punyalah suka main pasir. the other day bawak dia g sunway lagoon bersungguh2 main dgn pasir.


  3. eh fun giler laaa ada parent cam u n syauqi..

    i nk jadi anak u jugak boleh?

    hehe..nk main pasirrrrrrr


  4. mama emma:
    hmm, well i try my very best to expose my kids to as many things i can coz at this age yg where their brain actively “absorb” well.

    ablen Eusoff:
    mmg dulu tak dpt gi pantai plan nk bawak gi lagoon instead. tp rase cam tak cukup tgn to bring my kids there. especially athirAh…bukan tau takut die. she might jump into one of those pool dgn selambanye like wat she did in Bali.
    n also i rase timing lagoon tak bes ah. bukak time matahari dah panas n tutup lak cam by 6 kn? awal lar pulak

    mrs imran:
    wah cam tua lah pulak i kang ade anak dh besar cam u..haha
    nanti ur junior are most welcome to join my kids =)

    faris nak join main pasir?


  5. haha.. best tu! (err.. did they both eat the sand…?) haha.. oh ya, ALia nak join sekali boleh..? 🙂


  6. munirah,

    brilliant! just like Rugrats, ada sand box..hehe…comel!! i grew up by the beach, and mmg rasa boring giler duk kat selangor ni sebab takde beach!! 🙁


  7. hahaha comel, makan sand pulakk..ur doing a very good job with ur kids despite being a young mom of 3. bravo 😀


  8. hi munirah,
    we met at photomama session at lake garden moons ago 🙂
    anyway, good job and really fun activity you have there for your kids. i nak copycat bule ?
    just to let u know if you are looking for personalised favours for your kids please check us out http://www.sweetxpression.com


  9. Bestnya dear.. ur kids are very lucky.. semua benda pun ada.. yang plg best, mommy diorg pun ada ngan diorg all tha time.. =)

    I pun nk buat gak utk Ian.. Br settle project rumput.. weekend ni nak blk kampung pastu nk gi pantai amik pasir…


  10. harith ni betu2 ber elemen tanah..
    dgn gardening nyer
    dgn cool nyer di sekolah
    dgn beralahnya dgn athirah..
    alhamdulillah mmg anak sulung harapan dan kebanggaan ayah n ibu nih..


  11. oh and despite exposing them all these at home, i do send them too skool to coz i believe socialising is important =)

    but then again, i dont really consider this as homeskooling…i mean lain lar if anak dah masuk primary skool but tak attend, then i think tats more likely to be called homeskooling

    *chop, i dont have anything againts homeskooling yah


    wah mesti bes kn grew up dekat beach

    bawak balik lar pasir extra skit..hihi

    ameen..moga2 doa tu dimakbul Allah, insyaAllah =)


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