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Fun at the Casa

June 25, 2009

This is also another belated entry (and yes, do expect more of belated entry ya…)

Jua, invited us over to her Casa for some fun in the water. haiQal was also there (but baru realise lar Lana…gmbar anak u takde sbb most of the time he was with u in the water and i was told not to take gmbar mOmmies2 kn) Faris and haiQal had fun swimming in the big pool but due to tak cukup kaki kids didnt join them.

But they surely had a blast though…splashing away at the water fountain. Tgk lar dua beradik ni happy air tetiba memancut kuar…

I didnt dare to go near them…the camera might get wet with all the splashes by the elder two… Karate Kid…

And where was uZAir…here in the stroller. Kesian kn. But there were just 2 adults, me and syauQi…so mmg tak cukup kaki tangan if we let uZAir join the elder 2. Especially after the Bali incident where athirAh jump into the pool…we dare not take any risk. So one adult to one child. Sorry uZAir. He behave perfectly well in his stroller.
After fun with water…the kids proceed to the playground.
And here’s wat happen when one goes down the slide like this
and the other goes down head first like this
They get squash together….hahaha
And before heading home…here’s picture of mOmmies and their lil’ rascals
One, Two, Weeeeee =)
(uZAir not in the picture below sbb baru nk cakap One…die dh jauh merangkak bla…)
Although uZAir didnt have the chance to get wet…he was hAppy enough playing at the playground


p/s: im still in the middle of touching up my Dot Com. Wanna do a blogroll of exhange link. so sape nk exchange link…leave a comment ya =)

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  1. Wahhh !!! Best nya main air ….
    Suka tengok pic yg last tu .Uzair tengah senyum lebar sampai nampak gusi . 😛
    Psttt !! Mama tripletplusone jgn lupa link saya k 😛


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