No more Nite Wedding for me…. – TRIPLETS plus ONE

No more Nite Wedding for me….

June 7, 2009

One thing i miss most bout being married and having lil’ ones….

Dah takleh nak attend friends’ wedding =(

I mean those dinner wedding….not appropriate at all to bring babies aight.

Malam ni pun ade kawan kawen…and here I am..putting my 3 lil ones to sleep….

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  1. xpe la… i bet kwn2 u paham…

    ala, xleh attend wedding depa pun xpe, lain kali leh ada catch-up brunch ke, dinner ke…

    jgn sedih2 k.. lepak dgn anak2 lg best.. lalala

    buuuuut, i do understand.. we Do need some Me time!!

    -mama emma-


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