two…tee – TRIPLETS plus ONE


June 10, 2009

Thanks everyone for all ur lovely wishes for the elder two. And also thanks for ur dua’ and prayers. Moga2, hArith n athirAh jadi anak yang beramal soleh, ameen =)

And to SuriaM and Nurul Uyun, hAppy birthday to u too!!

As a mother, am happy to know that there are others out there who been following my miracle babies’ progress and development.

Well, here’s wat happened when pApa wanted to teach athirAh her age…

pApa: athirAh, how old are you? (pause)… Two

athirAh: tee (three)

pApa: how old are you?

athirAh: *silent*

pApa: two

athirAh: tee (three)

pApa: how old are you? (pause)…two

athirAh: tee

pApa: how old are you? (pause)…one – hoping that athirAh would say two

athirah: (trus bla malas nk layan dah…aiyoo)


update on the purple dinosour

scenario 1:

mOmmy: athirAh, bar-ney

athirAh: babibabibabibabi babibabibabi (sambil bla)

mesti dlm hati die katekn..ish org tua ni dah lar tu brapa kali nk ajar, org dh terror sebut lah! hahaha

scenario 2:

athirAh: babibabi babi babi(passed me the tv remote)

-dh pandai lar pulak tgk tv budak ni

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  1. HAahha…so cute…same with nafeesah bila ajar sebut two dia sebut tow….kalu sebut barney pun sama dia sebut mcm athirah….tapi apa2 pun seronok tgk depa membesar dgn pelbagai bahasa kan…I mean bahasa depa la…


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