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July 8, 2009

Here’s an article from The Star newspaper…

Wednesday July 8, 2009

Slight dip in H1N1 cases

PUTRAJAYA: The number of new influenza A (H1N1) cases in the country dipped slightly to 34 yesterday, of which 22 were imported and 12 locally transmitted, said Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

With the latest cases, the total number of people infected stands at 468.

Of that, said Liow, 335, or 72% of them, have since been discharged with only 133 patients still in hospital.

The new cases involved 24 Malaysians and 10 foreigners – five Indonesians, three Australians, an American and a Dane…….

Well, im sure u are wondering y am i putting up this article aight? here’s the reason…athirAh, uZAir and i are among the 24 Malaysians involved. Yup, kami kena itu selsema babi/ swine flu…H1N1.

Got ourselves admited yesterday after the result of swab test we did on Monday showed that we are positive. Wondering how we get it? From En Suami, he got back from Hong Kong on the 1st July and the symptom showed up on the 5th July. So did the swab test on sunday and they called up on Monday with the result, and we had ambulance came to fetch him.

Since my kids and are are in close contact with him, and have symptom too we followed the ambulance to get ourselves tested too. (however, my kids actually been having fever off and on prior to the return of their father from Hong Kong). So on Tuesday, Kementerian Kesihatan called me up with the result. Seriously it wasn’t easy for me to leave my lil’ hero hArith at home. Yes, he’s the one with the strongest immue system! The only one free from the babi punye virus.

Haa..sure sume tekejut kn baca this entry. But dont worry peeps. Alhamdulillah we are in good shape except athirAh. not so much bcoz of the H1N1 but apparently the on and off fever she had (with flu and cough) is due to pnuemonia.

As for us, no more fever…just that need monitoring and finish up the dosage of medication. In usual cases, adults need to be admitted for 3 days, whereas children for 5 days. So will be here minimum 5 days, hoping for a speedy recovery for athirAh’s pneumonia, or else we have to be here longer. Yes, that’s how long we have to leave hArith behind. Im sure its not easy for him too, all of a sudden the four of us leave him behind.

And the rest of the family, are being quarantine for 7 days coz they have close contact with us. So they cannot bring hArith out…they are all stuck at home! Hmm…korang tak kesian ker kat hArith? Ape kate korang anta toys pos laju kat die… 😉 hihi kidding jer (tapi kalau betul apa salahnye…hihi)

kami sume kt hkl ni, saya kn blogger tegar jadi saya lengkapkn diri dgn broadband ..hihi

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  1. munirah..sorry to hear that but lucky harith has strong immune system..

    get well soon and i pray semoga athirah cepat sembuh.


  2. I hope u and family get well soon xpecially athirAh . I pray to god for ur family well being . so get well soon athirah cause hArith is waiting for u … 🙂


  3. munirah,cayalah si harith tue.good boy.semoga u and family cepat sembuh.jahat arr itu virus.


  4. i doa kan u & family have a speedy recovery amin… Semoga Cepat Sembuh and boleh balik umah kan… and u dont worry about ur harith is a gud boy and independent too percayalah… 🙂


  5. munirah sorry to hear bout that! u baru cakap pasal our goverment not doing anything to prevent it. sian semua pilot and pramugari/gara. tak pasal2 je kena. hope athirah get wells oon


  6. Gosh, terkejut i munirah, anyway i doakan u all selamat, harith i nak culik bawa rumah i, bleh main dgn adam, wahahahha


  7. OMG munirah, this is such a terkezut punya news to us ok. Wishing u all speed recovery. Take care dear.


  8. ala kesiannya.. take care you all… especially to athirah.. speedy recovery sweetie… dunno y but somehow athirah always remind me to arwah my dotter… 🙂


    Munirah Reply:

    al-fatihah to ur arwah doter dear


  9. semoga cepat sembuh!….kita yg besar ni pun bosan kalau asyik dok dlm rumah…ni kan budak2 tu…..
    mesti dlm hati haris..”byk lagi benda kat kemas kat luar rumah tu….daun2 kering tak sapu lagik”….hehehehe


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