Demam Marathon – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Demam Marathon

July 2, 2009

My kids had fever marathon…started off with uZAir on the 28th June..


Followed by hArith on the 29th June


And finally the baton was passed to athirAh the following day on th 30th June


Alhamdulillah all are back to their usual self. I was worried when one after another down with fever, mind was thinking bout the Swine Flu…coz the system for Swine flu are the usual things that we get…cough, flu, fever…

Im glad all has recovered and i think we hafta minimize our trip to the mall…since the swine flu is really spreading around.

Seriously, i dont think the government is doing good enough at stoping this virus from spreading around. En Suami was saying..nothing much being done at the airport, die dok kuar masuk airport senang lenang takde paper checkpoint or wat not pun.

In fact ade dlm newspaper someone wrote a complain that she entered from Singapore…kat tambak check point tu takde pape check pun…beribu ribu org dok masuk…

So why are we surprised when the news saying the number of affected by swine flu bertambah2…

Oh nau’zubillah min zalik

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  1. comey nya Athirah tdo dgn ‘kwn berbulu’



    Munirah Reply:

    hihi, tu security “blanket” die…namenye Ellie tapi die panggil baby. =)


  2. siannya.. tp mmg saya rasa government pun dah x tau nak buat apa.. 🙁


    Munirah Reply:

    husband kate if gi negara China….diorang tak kasi sape2 turun kapal. health officer masuk plane amiq tempreture sume org. if ade jer even sorang yg tempreture tinggi..satu kapal kena tahan takleh turun smpai lah blood test org tu kuar prove negative.
    so dpt lat avoid that effected person from masuk negara.
    yg kite lak..kt airport suruh isi borong consent bgtau sihat ke tak. ade ke org nk ngaku tak sihat pastu menyerah diri kt airport utk diquarantine kn…?


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