Just one more entry on the b'day party – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Just one more entry on the b'day party

July 25, 2009

This is just an additional tips for the party…on adults food.

Initially we wanted to have just Mee Bandung for the adults. Thinking that it’s quite ideal for tea time BUT we have to bear in mind that it’s a toddle birthday party…thus it might not be convinient for parents to eat and at the same time chase after their kids. Ye lah takkan smbil kejar anak nk pegang mangkuk berkuah…thus we decided to add something more simple to cateer for those parents who have to eat and at the same time chase  their…hence the nasi goreng cina. Why nasi goreng cina? Coz it’s not spicy and can be eaten by both adults and children. so smbil parents kejar anak bleh lah suap suap skali anak tu.

And we have roti jala for those who want to have light meal.

Drinks? We had punch syrup and my mom wanted the teh tarik for adults, since its tea time.

So minor2 things like this on food choices actually play an important role in organising birthday party. 😉

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