Lintas langsung dari HKL – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Lintas langsung dari HKL

July 9, 2009

Hi all, thank you to all readers for ur well wishes for me n my family. Alhamdulillah all of us are doing well. Still stuck here to finish out our dosage of medication. athirAh are taking her medication with less struggle now. But still having difficulty to take the medication…just slightly less struggling.

Anyway, here’s how our room look like. We are in a four bedded room…so its now so called our family lounge (without hArith =(  )


On the left u can see the nurses smbung two single bed for athirAh to sleep with pApa and by right uZAir suppose to be in the cot, but ended up all four of us sleep on the “queen size” bed.

And here’s how my 2 lil one keep themselve occupied…




Muka uZAir dh boring giler tgk Barney…


athirAh muka baru bangun, tido setelah melalak2 nangis nk set line kt tangan die tuk masuk antibiotic for her pneumonia.


Ha, korang tak caye anak2 saya dah segar bugar…here’s uZAir main chak2


Another cheeky face from him


athirAh lak dah boring sangap, so main panjat2 katil


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  1. sakit2 tapi masih cargas si athirah ni..kalo harith ada lagi ada geng ni..


    Munirah Reply:

    tu lah, kesian gak uZAir sbb athirAh tak gang sgt dgn die.uZAir dtg kt die nk ajak main, die bleh pulak bla…kesian uZAir


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