We had FUN!!! – TRIPLETS plus ONE

We had FUN!!!

July 21, 2009

Yes, we certainly had fun and hope our guests had as much fun as we did.

Well, the day started at about 9am. Went out to run some errands and pick up the kuih muih and cakes. Came home and saw the adults tables ready, set up by En suami n my sister AND hArith! yes, he was helpful pushing the chairs accordingly.

When i wanted to do the kids’ table he was also busy helping me…tapi alamak anak dara tak kose nk tolong, but ended up busy climbing the tables…


While hArith busy arranging the chair…she was busy climbing from one table to the other



Seryes, tak tipu..hArith arranged the chair by himself. All i had to do was show him once and he ended up arranged the other chairs.


Meanwhile, i was busy setting up other decorations



My mom came out with the idea of putting barney soft toy on each table as the centre piece.

And the balloon people came at 1pm and it certainly made the atmosphere lively


Besides having balloon scattered all over the gardens, pApa wanted loose balloon to fill up in the living room. And i sure luv it!


Guest started coming at 3pm and i masih menggelupur tak siap. Mandi pun blum…giler kabut lah time tu. gud thing my kids dah mandi. I bathe them at 1pm hoping they would take their nap but they refused.

I’m glad my map that i emailed to my guests were helpful and i think this banner helped too


Once the guest started coming, i had to hand over the camera to syauQi’s friend. Some beautiful moments were not captured unfortunately. Yes, i should have hired a photographer but it was all last min plan..so mmg kabut. We decided to do the party on tuesday, sent out invitation on wednesday and i had only 4 days to get things done. And lucky thing ade org amiq last min order for the kids’ cake.

And ever since i have children of my own, i tend to pay more attention to the kids’ need. Thus each time we have function we will now have the kiddies’ zone. Here are the food at the kids’ corner; spaghetti, mini hotdog, mashmallow, cupcakes, jelly and yogurt 


I dont have photos of adults corner..gmbar atas tu pun courtesy from Siti Mummy Sofia =)

The kids sure had lots of fun, indoor and outdoor. Seriously, i didnt know that the kids were busy playing indoor too. I was soo busy counting head of my kids every min sbb the gate was open i’m so afraid they might run out. So i was constantly doing head counts. After seeing photos from other blogs only I realised the toys in the house also kept the kids occupied.


And of coz the inflatable bouncer was the major hit and also the swings



Oh chop nk iklan sat. I mmg kagum dgn nasya…die bleh selamba tido dlm stroller tgh panas2 tu. Kena kejut pun tak bgn…


Even hArith was confused why is there a gal nicely asleep while there’s actually a party going on. i caught him several times trying to wake Nasya up


TAPI, once she woke up…ha die lah yg paling otai tau! Tak caye? cube tgk ni



After sandpit we proceed to waterballoon!!!

Adults were looking from far while the kids get themselves wet. We also had the water sprinkler on…



ha, tadi otai sandpit Nasya kn….for the waterballon otai-nya is Faris. siap supply kn waterbomb to his mother, jua and she attacked me…

This was when Faris wanted to take more of the waterbomb but realise dah habis, siap cakap hokey “dah habis”


pastu, siap gi nearer to his dad to “complain” dah abis. Takpe faris, nanti kite buat remacth sebab aunty ade unfinished business withi your mom…hahaha. ape macam jua, ade bran? hihi


Oh, we even had the bubbles in the air for about an hour. Then a gal, Ira, came to  me to inform me “bubbles habis”, we didnt have any more stock left…tapi bile sume org dh balik, we realised we were not running out of bubbles soap but the battery was out. Cait, kalau tau…kami tukar battery.


Those who came, did u all notice the bubbles in the air?

Oh then of coz it was the cake cutting session. I had three cakes, one each. And to make it more personal for each one of them, i made the guests sang the birthday song 3 times. Even syauQi couldnt believe himself when i announce that i wanted everyone to sing 3 times, and to my suprise all guest were cool about it, they sang 3 times. And even the third time, they sang as loud as the first one..so takde lah macam bunyi sume org dh tak kose, malas nk nyanyi lagi. And actually we sang 4 times, coz my cousin’s daughter wanted a song for her too…and everyone sang one last round for her too. Thanks everyone.

Most pictures of the cake cutting session are courtesy from Siti Mummy Sofia too

a song for hArith


one for athirAh


and next was for uZAir


and also for Sara



Overall we had a blast and from the faces that i see in the photos…i can be confident that the others had a wonderful time too. Oh bleh tak, saya tak sabar nk tunggu tahun depan…for another party, hihi.

Here are more photos of the day

And again, from the bottom of our heart…we would like to thank all of you who came to make it such a memorable day for us. And we are sorry for any short coming.

Those yg i tak sempat borak tu, sorry sgt2, bukan saya sombong cume tak sempat nk borak. Tak caye tanye Jua…Jua saya tak sombong kan?

And to other readers of this blog, sorry if ade yg tak ajak. I invite those yg rajin meninggal jejak a.k.a comments in my blog. Yes, its a sign of appreciation tho those who been commenting on my blog =). Those who have been leaving their comment tapi tak dijemput..maknenye, jenuh saya dah geledah cari u all punye email, tapi kt blogger profile tu takde u all punye email.

Yg tak comment tu, yer saya juga menghargai u all baca my blog tapi if dh silent reader…macam mane saya nk invite 😉

And saya ajak yg ade anak sebaya dgn anak saya, sbb takut if yg much older kang susah the elder on will hogged the toys. yer, u cann see older kids in the pictures sbb tu sedara mara saya and jiran2 terdekat. Melampau lar kn if tak ajak sedara and jiran sendiri


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  1. Looks like everyone had great fun.. Macam mini fun fair la plak.. Huhuhu.. Me jeles ok! =(
    Nak sgt pegi tp seriously tak dpt.. Huhuhu.. Nak gi! Nak gi! Tak sabar nak tgg next year..


    Munirah Reply:

    takyah tunggu next year…jom buat playdate!


  2. meh i jawab semua soklan iteww:

    i ready for rematch. bila? dimana? katakan saja. hahahha

    eh, apa i tak buat kat rumah munirah.. main dah, makan dah, basah kena air dah, solat pun dah, haaa…tidur je belum lagik. itu maknanya munirah x sombong. nehi nehi…


  3. munira u sgt friendly la, takde gaya orang sombong pun. anyway me and my family really enjoy during the day of event!. Thanks munirah….


    Munirah Reply:

    glad ur family enjoyed the day.
    i dgn jua nk rematch waterballoon…sape nk join angkat tangan!


  4. munirah tak sombong siap frenly giler punya mcm dah lama kenal..and the party mmgla awesome i rasa xpenah i gi party rumah org yg main semua benda..i dpt test tarampulin u besttt tpi my husband segan2 hahaha..

    and nasya mmg memula tido tak sedarkan diri lepas tu mmg buat mcm rumah sendiri hahaha enjoy giler la anak beranak..


    Munirah Reply:

    ha, mesti dlm keta blk umah tu ur husband kate nyesal tak test trampoline tu kn..hihi
    oh i tak perasan u sempat try trampoline tu.

    yer, nasya memula tido dah sedarkn diri pastu main smpai tak sedar diri gak ek…hihi
    die dpt award otai sandpit! hihi

    bebile gi munawarrah tu…pencong lah ke umah i. if husband u malas, umpan die dgn trampoline, kot kot tak ramai org die tak segan nk test..hihi


  5. saya lah itu silent reader.huhu. segan nak komen sbb yang tinggal jejak/komen cam org sudah berkeluarga. sy ini masih di bangku uni.

    bday party itu sgt kool! gile awesome. x penah merasa party camtu.



    Munirah Reply:

    oh saya menghargai anda juga…tu saya letak link of ur blog under “my commentors” =)


  6. oh my…munirah… i mcm dah lama giler tunggu update dr blog u. i tot u dah tak berblog. pasal web hosting tuh, memang i tak baca habis. bila i baca balik hari nih, baru i tau u dah buka website sendiri yang baru lagik! and of course i missed the kids birthday party! (mcm la u akan invite i, ehehe) best nyer.. happy belated birthday to the kids and how i wish i could held an exciting yet fun party as yours for my baby hannah.. uzair dah setahun ke dear?


  7. tu dia, ada rematch dengan jua! nak tengok! 🙂 (kita x berani.. kita jadi supporter je la!) 🙂


    Munirah Reply:

    tapi supporter yg dok kt tepi pun confirm akn kena serang gak! hihi


  8. hi munirah…
    sapa kata u sombang i rasa u mmg peramah br 1st jumpa mcm dah lama kenal pulak…. and u supporting lagik hehehe… ikhlas ok… is really a wonderfull bday party mmg best lahh… sampai tak tahu nak ckp ada lagik dah…. me & sofia enjoy sgt 🙂 btw dear kalau ada playdate tue jgn lupa saya k nak gak join hehehe…


    Munirah Reply:

    kay kay…nanti kite try adjust satu playdate =)


  9. thn dpn kalau ada rezeki u invite i, i akan cancelkan semua plan i.. i nak gak join ur party… happening giler!!!!!


    Munirah Reply:

    alamak, pressure ni…nk kena make sure thn depan happening gak..hihi


  10. wah… bestnye birthday party! too bad i din know abt this earlier =P
    wish i had the spunk to organize a bash like this…
    i seriously need to let my daughter mingle with ppl her own age rather than the foggies…


    Munirah Reply:

    dear, i ade ajk u tau…tak dpt ker email i?


  11. u did? i didn’t actually. kesedihan… =/
    maybe next time =)


    Munirah Reply:

    oh i do remember sending emai to u sbb u sorang jer yg gune melodymail.com


  12. i love reading your blog. everytime baca, mesti ada je benda nak take not, especially on activities for kids. fun sumer okeh.

    now nak salin nota on “perkara-perkara utama/best for bday party”. Great one you have here 😉


    Munirah Reply:

    well at times i mmg run out of ideas dh…
    hmm, pasal notes on bday party, maybe i could make a post to share with my readers bout the preparation i went tru..


  13. oh yeke? i should reroute my emails then. my quota dah 90% full of spam. hehe
    but thanks for the invite that i never got. heehee~ (melodymail hampeh!)


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