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Home Sweet Home

August 19, 2009

Alhamdulillah uZAir was discharged yesterday. After 4 days in the hospital, hArith didn’t want to look at me when i reached home…wah merajuk anak ku, die ingat mOmmy gi holiday with uZAir kot. Took sometime before i could get his attention, finally i “bribe” him with a book…hihi

And uZAir on the other hand is ever so clingy to me now. Since it has been a week he felt sick..he was so used of being carried and all,and had me for 4 days all to himself…so he was moody and grumpy if i didn’t pick him up. He didnt even want to play with the toys. Oh even the maid tak laku yer…

This evening, he slowly started playing and wanting people, but just for few minutes before started crying his lung out wanting to be carried by me.

Hmm..been quite awhile since i put up photos of my lil rascals…so here are some photos of them playing this evening.

Here’s pApa helping athirAh with the swing disc…



Oh no..loosing control ere…but take a close look at her face..she’s actually smiling! (and laughing!)



And here’s hArith having fun kicking the ball




and where was uZAir? he didnt want to walk around…so had to “pull” him around…



and the elder two sempat had an outdoor shower just now


 psstt…sorry lah if ade yg temuntah, entry ni byk sgt gmbar…ahahaah


ohh ohh, aritu mrsimran gelak kn saya sbb tepek gmbar cake yg di-google. mlm tadi saya dpt makan cake dah, sodap…lalalala lala


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  1. alahai comel athirah naik swing! 😉

    uzair kecik lagi kot, nanti besar sikit sure dia nak main bola dengan harith nanti! 🙂

    sedapnya kek! 😉 kek ais krim ya..?


  2. ~psstt…sorry lah if ade yg temuntah, entry ni byk sgt gmbar…ahahaah~
    dlm hati sy alaaaa nape skett je gmbrrr niiiiiii =)


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    wah tak cukup ek…
    really have to start back with my 365project…aritu lepas sorang2 sakit, the project was on hold, will get it started soon, insyaAllah =)


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