Penang: Part III – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Penang: Part III

August 12, 2009

We headed to G Hotel after the house warming, lucky thing the traffic was smooth at the Penang Bridge…tp once kt island…sesak gak. Infact i was asking En Suami..”asal org suke dtg penang? traffic jam mcm kt kl…rimas ade lah”

Smpai hotel jer, dah ade mende kami nk condem itu G hotel, ade ke hotel takde Jokey Service…padahal bukan hotel cikai. reason die…sbb xde parking. mcm lah takleh drive the car park kt basement tu…other hotels pun xde parking kt depan2 lobby but they will park for u kt bawah kn. We badly needed a Jokey service when travel with 3 kids.

G Hotel is a new hotel tp basement parking die is so narrow. In fact we wasn’t sure was it the correct exit we turn into…hubby tot it was for motorcycle, coz it was very very narrow.

Our room check-in was upstairs, at a separate reception counter, coz we took the executive room (coz all standard room were fully booked). They asked if we wanted a baby cot, but i told them to provide us with extra comforter instead since baby cot would take up space in the room.  My kids can golek2 on the floor with the extra comforter. But later they came to the room and gave us  2 extra blanket…those brown wool like blanket..takkan my anak nk guling2 atas tu. Even after requested for the comforter again, they didnt gave us any.

Oh chop, they did serve us with ice cream as a welcome was yummy! =)

athirAh was so happy to be in the hotel room, sejuk aircond. siap get under the comforter and played peek-a-boo



hArith was still unwell…he lay down most of the time


We then went to next door mall the Gurney Plaza with Apeng and Fadd, to get something to eat…in case dinner serve lambat at the wedding, so we decided to lapik perut. While eating, hArith vomitted again. So we didn’t loiter around the mall and headed back to the hotel room.

Once in the hotel room, hArith n athirAh started having a marathon of vomitting…in less than 20mins i had to clean up 6 mess of vomit. They took turn vomitting. I was being very patience cleaning up mess after mess coz i knew syauQi is in his least patience mode. Silap2 die akn kate “no more trip / holiday”. Dah lar mmg everytime gi mane2, sure ayat tu akn kuar..kate kate tu kn doa…kang betul2 Allah tarik rezeki holiday kn susah…betahun lar mOmmy n kids dgn udara kt kl ni jer….

At about 6pm, athirAh looked very lethargic. pApa said we might need to reconsider bout attending the wedding. Oh gosh, i felt the whole trip such a waste if we didn’t make it to the wedding. And furthermore it is a sit down wedding…they have paid so much for our two seats. And ever since having kids of my own, i havn’t had a chance to attend dinner wedding coz it’s not proper to bring kids along. But this time around, the bride have invited all of us…including my 3 excess baggage…so no wayy i’m not attending the wedding. I kept on praying silently that everything will be okay.

After the series of vomitting and a nice warm bath, hArith and athirAh felt asleep, giving me the chance to get things done. Got myself and uZAir ready, and then dress the elder two while they were still asleep. athirAh continued sleeping.

Reached the wedding venue, athirAh was still fast asleep..and alhmadulillah, she slept through out the ceremony. Woke up just few minutes before the wedding ends. So less one head to take care of. Alhamdulillah. Allah answered my prayer =)

A picture of me with the bride’s mom and auntie before masuk hall…


uZAir and hArith were busy roaming around. We were given the table at the back where there were ample space for the kids to play without disturbing others. I brought a bag full of toys to keep them occupied.

uZAir were so happy walking here and there, and oh…both my boys looks so handsome ( who else would puji anak if bukan mak budak kn…hihihi)



uZAir we just so hAppy with the space (and aircond)…he walked everywhere without causing any disturbance, alhamdulillah


he even said hello to the group of photographers…


Bout 15 mins later…the bride n groom arrived…




Dinner was served, hArith wanted to eat but i was so afraid he might vomit..again, I prayed to Allah for things to go smoothly, alhamdulillah he didn’t vomit


Where was uZAir? Busy pushing around the chair and his stroller


Half way through the dinner course, hArith wanted to sleep…so left only one head to take care of..and i shall say, uZAir was at his best behaviour. Although he was everywhere..but he didn’t cause any chaos or distraction. I took out  his toys and he was happily playing with other kids


tgk…tesenget2 die nk angkut toys


Oh, uZAir had the chance to take photo with the bride


The night went pretty well, glad that the elder two slept well in their stroller


 and uZAir was being such a darl


To Hyda and Barry @ Bazli, again Congratulataions…can’t wait to have playmates for my kids!!! *hint*hint*



 Here’s the only picture of athirAh awake, while waiting for our car…and uZAir was still actively roaming around


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  1. sama la cam my husband..each time keluar gi mall-pasar malam-holiday, mesti keluar ayat “pasnih tayah gi mana mana dah dok umah jee”

    grrrrrrr…left me feeling err guilty and all..

    i selalu cakap, anak org lain pon camni..stage dia kan..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    exactly…takkan lar tgh anak at this stage nk expect holiday bleh jln berlenggang2 kn…
    tp sblum en suami bukak mulut “no more holiday till budak2 besar” mak ni pun kelam kabut lar make sure things doesnt get worsen..kang kite yg tebakar hati if dgr tak dpt nk gi hols dah…teperap je lah kt umah kang…padahal kt umah, same gak scenarionye…tunggang langgang gak


  2. rasa macam u just got pregnant with uzair, bila tengok dia lari sana sini rasa tak caya ja. 😀

    serious handsome budak dua orang tu pakai tie. hehe


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tu lah, time passes by rather fast kn…now dah berlari2.


  3. pengantin dan pelamin cantik, wah anak2 lelaki u munirah kemain hencem dgn tali leher cam dah bersedia nak gi kerja, kerja ape tu, engineer, doctor atau nak jadi pilot jugakkah…


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    mula2 takut gak kang diorang tarik2 tie tu..but to my suprised, skit pun diroang tak kacau tie tu


  4. hish..mana bole “no more holiday till budak2 besar”…persatuan mummy2 bole mogok nih..hahaha

    tak sangka plak G hotel tak gurney hotel better ke?

    and love ur sons outfit..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    betul tu…wajib persatuan mummy2 mogok. mane aci bapak jer dok gi bejalan kan..mmg lah gi keja, tapi away from the usual surrounding kn.

    G Hotel mmg shantek…tapi cam mende2 yg slack. communication among staff pun cam hampeh. kami jer kot yg tak bernasib baik…if gurney hotel resort tu i rase perlu refurbishment kot sbb cam carpet sume nmpak lame. tapi breakfast i rase kt gurney lagi bes…hihi


  5. mmg cute la uzair.. hihi 🙂 elok je budak berdua tu tido dalam stroller.. hihi..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tu lah…mmg lega sgt athirAh bleh tido sepanjang majlis. then half way hArith pun join die tido


  6. oh gosh no more holidays…itulah ayat yg i really hate to hear! bila dah ada anak ni it come with package …demam, muntah, selsema, buat perangai bla bla bla. just name it. penat tu dah biasa. lagi2 bila anak dah lebih dari satu. 🙂


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tu lah…tat’s exactlt wat ive been drilling into syauQi’s mind…IT COMES IN A PACKAGE.
    cant expect lar to go holiday free n easy kn kn


  7. mane nak carik tie tu??cute sgt tgk anak2 u pakai…


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    alamak…lupe name kedai tu. tapi kt curve, one of the shops kat area mothercare tu. yg ade jual tuxedo and all


  8. munirah, penah try mei-tai to carry uzair-while photographing..saje kasi cadangan wearing memudahkan kerja (i’m a mother of 3 also- 3YO, 2YO, 3mth)


  9. harith looks so pale.. kesiannya.. nampak muka cengkung sikit..

    athirah makin chubby eh? & uzair pun nampak makin tough…

    anyway, hopefully ur kids kembali sihat as normal… want more pics of ur cute kids.. heheh…


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tu lah, hArith look very lethargic and yup..athirAh dah gain weight…uZAir now since dok cirit birit, dh loose weight

    oh talking bout pictures..i havnt been doing my 365project since dok sibuk dgn bebudak not well =(


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