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Penang: The Hotel

August 13, 2009

ha, this entry saya nk membebel pasal the hotel. aritu ade sebut pasal takde jokey service kn…meh nk continue bebel..

when syauQi nk cek-in, the lead us to the 15th floor where they have a separate reception for executive rooms. We were at first pretty much impressed with it, coz in a way it was an express check-in.

We had a great view from our window, room looks nice and even the toilet was very spacious. Meh saya kasi puji dulu sblum saya kutuk..hihi

here’s the view from our window, time ni tgh air surut


bed was very comfy, bantal bes, comforter bes TAPI…kay tu nanti citer, ni kn nk kasi puji dulu

saya blogger tegar, mmg bes lar ade broadband but i guess i was too tired to update anything since i had to clean up vomit after vomit during the day. so when the kids slept, i fall asleep too…hihi



the room was spacious enough for my kids…enough for them to play around. And oh even the bathroom was spacious, and we had a great view from the bathroom window too.


Although it has a tinted blind…im not too sure can people see us especially at night if i switch on the lights


oh, of coz i can draw the blinds all the way down but i wasnt that confident to take my shower in the bathtub…so had our showers in the cubicle…just by the side of the bathtub


oh saya sgt benci if toilet yg takde hose tuk kite beristinja’…pastu gayung ke hape mmg lar takde kn, harapkn cawan kecik cinonet tu. nyampah tul. so kena lar gune botol air mineral as a gayung.

ha, dah mula dah nk mengutuk…


 yg bencinye, kn org dh bayar for the room rate…provide je lah all the toiletries, ni tak…they provide the basic jer…shower gel, shampoo and ape ek lagi satu…if nk comb, cotton bud, toothbrush, toothpaste sume tu kena call their guest service. Kang if dok call mintaq itu ini, macam kite ni jakun lar pulak..skit2 nk call. but since we paid for the room…y cant they just put everything in the bathroom? Tu namenye ape? tak ikhlas nk kasi ker? ke kedekut?

When we wanted to leave for the wedding, we asked the receptionist at the 15th the parking free? she answered “yes, its FOC” so..we went all the way down to the basement and saw those ticket machine like the ones in mall. Blank kejap…tot she said it was free?? Bump into a cleaner, and asked him. he told us we need to get the ticket validate at the lobby. I was like watt???? asal tadi org tu tak bgtau, setakat ckp FOC. Sabar2…

And at night, we encountered another bad experience. The comforter that we requested for the 2nd time wasn’t send. But i was still okay with that. we are used to having all 5 camp on one bed. But middle of the night at almost 3am i woke up coz it was kinds warm. Woke syauQi up…he felt warm too. So called the technician, they came up and godek2 aircond. die kate, give it sometime…Half an hour later, i still couldnt sleep. It was still warm. Call them up again, this time around, we said if there’s nothing can be done with the aircond, kindly give us a stand fan. But we didn’t hear from them untill i fell asleep, i think the aircond gets cooler at almost 5am!!!!

We had few other miscommunication. I think among the staff, they need to communicate more. Sorang cakap lain, sorang cakap lain…aiyooo. So upon checking out syauQi complained bout the aircond and all. I think it really get to his nerve coz syauQi ended up saying ” i dont think i’ll ever come back to this hotel although this hotel was highly recommended by my dad”

so…will we go to that hotel again?? Mungkin…ahhahaha. sbb hotel tu tepi mall 😛

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  1. I’ve never stayed at any hotel in Malaysia per se, but I’d stayed in many hotels overseas. But I don’t think other toiletteris come with the room rate. Even hotel in Paris, London, Bali, & S’pore that I’d stayed in didn’t provide them unless we called the Consierge and requested. They never gave us any hard time but again, they didn’t make it too obvious over the phone :-). And that’s also the same with the US hotels. Like you said they provide the essentials such as shampoo, handsoap, conditioner, coffeemaker, papercups, and ice cube holder. I can’t comment on extra pillows or blanket/comforter because some of hotels that I stayed at they just keep them in the closet.

    Again, I agree with you, with Executive rate, they should add more stuff in the room. Otherwise tak payah lah panggil Executive room and charge double the standard rate kan? I love Le Meridien, Mandarin Oriental, and Hyatt.


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    oh so far the hotels i go do provide those toilteries in the bathroom.
    and oh, yes usually they do have extra pillow n blanket in the wardrobe..but not in this hotel
    and even after requested for the comforter for the 2nd time..they still didnt provide us.


  2. bila dok uk ni dah jd kebiasaan bawak botol mineral kemana kalau malaysia nak tiru sini mmg tak best. dah terbiasa guna air yg banyak..hihii


  3. Hi.. Hmm, kalau rating 1 to 10, you bagi rate ape ye kat hotel ni? Kot2 ada plan nak cuti ke penang ke kan.. hehehe.. btw, xchange link can? 🙂


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    hmm susah lah nk kasi overall rating..
    one thing this hotel ade advantage is die connected dgn mall…so senang if need barang or ape, next door jer


  4. kak..hotel apa ni..view cam cantekkk…
    adex kalau g penang..mesti stay kat berjaya hotel, georgetown… x penah try hotel2 lain..sebab mmg dah serasi kot…heheheh


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