September 17, 2009

En Suami just got back from work this morning, and right after i send off my kids to school, i drag him to PKNS Shah Alam. Past few years it’s our raya ritual to go Jln Tar a night before raya…but no with uZAir, it’s impossible to do so. He wakes up often at night and he will surely search for my b***by.

Tapi saya bijak sgt lar pulak or rather to excited to go…i didnt bring along the baju kurung. So how am i gonna get baju melayu for the boys of the same shade of colour? Pastu trus teringat at my blog ade gmbar kurung. Called up Mrs Imran mintaq tlg mms, tp she takde credit. Trus teringat kt minah gadget, Puan Jua. She took the picture from my blog and mms me.

At PKNS not much kids baju melayu compared to Jln TAR. So had to settle with watever yg ade. As for the father, instead of green…he got himself blue. Afterall my baju mmg ade blue and green, and i did give him choice between blue n green. So bapak tak sama warna with the kids…biar lain kasta..hahah

PKNS not much choice, so finally after 4 years of kawen syauQi finally said it “next year tempah lah, baru cantek fitting”

Tudung raya tak beli lagi coz need the baju to see the colour matches or not with the tudung. So will continue hunting for my tudung. and the kids baju length need to be altered. Have to jahit abit.

Nway, wishing all of you Selamat Hari Raya, have a safe journey and most importantly, sorry for all my wrong doings. If ade telepas cakap in my blog yg offended any of you, im really2 sorry. Have a great celebration to all of you


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  1. selamat hari raya to u and family. maaf zahir dan batin. mesti meriah kan raya with all the kids…bestnya!enjoy ur day k, balik kampung tak munirah?


  2. salam…

    hey babe…

    Mr.Doc & I would like to wish YOU & FAMILY peace, happiness & prosperity on EID-UL-FITR!!!

    May the divine blessings of ALLAH be with you & family on EID & Always!!!


  3. Selamat Hari Raya.Maaf Zahir dan Batin

    dah dekat sgt tu kat PKNS. td baru gi PKNS- sesi lelong baju2 raya:). nak dtg rumah,bgtahu ye.take care.


  4. hi babe.. selamat hari raya!!!! i selalu beli baju melayu 4 ray kat butik dendiri (ampang park). cantik kain n jahitan,ready made. utk adult pun ada. have a blessed raya!!!!


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