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Inflamation of bone….again =(

September 16, 2009

Alhamdulillah, i’ve done 12 of my Mini Raya Portraiture session and I have another 3 to go insyaAllah. Rezeki bulan Ramadhan. And of coz thanks to PhotoMama. Dulu I kena macam2 bile iklankn photomama…and tak pasal2 the founder of Photomama pun kena macam2, ade yg kate die kedekut ilmu, nk ajar pun kena charge…but i’m glad that i stick to my stand and didnt get myself influence to any of those saying. Alhamdulillah my stand have enable me to take lots of beautiful photos of my very own kids and also others.

Previously i did mentioned that i have some inflamation of bone right? Where one doctor suspected muscle tear and finally it was said to be inflamation of bone. Ha..bone pun boleh bengkak tau! So I was warned by the doctor, no running or jumping about. That was what I did then. Couldn’t even play my touch rugby anymore =(

But little did I know that taking photos causes my bone to be swollen again…all those lil chasing around after the kids,  meniarap and all


pics [via]

Doctor only prescribed me something like panadol which helps to reduce the inflamation..but then again smpai bile nk rely on the ubat. So everytime sakit i’ll take it and the pain will fade away. I guess it’s something like pain killer.

I was telling Mrs Imran about it and she promoted Usana dari dulu lagi. But i’m always skeptical of MLM product. She been trying to convince me since she started. It seems that Usana is growing rapidly in this blogsphere, but yet i am still not convince.

But mostly i see that people taking Usana is for the nutrimeal shake. And i dont think i need that since my weight is 41kg. If nk loose weight pun tang lemak kt perut ni..hihi

In fact yesterday, suddenly hArith came to me…”mOmmy, mOmmy, mOmmy…” while showing his hand. Wahh…he took my watch from the drawer and wear it himself. It is ALMOST a perfect fit for him. So tangan die yg besar or mOmmy die yg kecik…hhihi.


Here are both of our hands together…


Well, i did say ALMOST a perfect fit kn…here’s a picture to show how slightly loose the watch is to him


Mrs Imran was telling me the benefit of the Essential supplement…tapi i payah sgt kot to be convinced and furthermore i have this really bad habit of not being dicpline in taking my supplement. Mrs Imran really want to proove to me the supplement is really good that she is willing to sponsor me =)

That was two days ago…and today I receive the parcel. Wah super fast. Lets hope it will help my swollen bone so end of this year I can join the Touch Rugby Six Nation Tournament..Yeeehaaaa!!!

during my last tournament that I joined


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  1. yaa..get well. u sama mcm i! very hard to be convinced to take supplements because no discipline :p teringat Shaklee Performance Drink yg beli dari Lyna…dok byk tu jgk :p


  2. salam alaik munirah,
    talking bout usana, me and my family adalah orang2 yang langsung tak support MLM products sejak azali lagi,then suddenly ada orang suggest to my sis yang batok teruk more than 5 months to take the works!alhamdulillah sangat2..then my dad yang agak skeptical and ada gout history pun try..surprisingly after a month dia boleh cakap macam ni..”adik,tolong orderkan abah usana”..alhamdulillah, now my family take it as daily supplement,memang nmpak byk kurang sakit sana sini.anyway,tawakkaltu ‘Alallah..i just share u my experience and i doakan u cepat sembuh,,ameen 😉


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    thanks for the well wishes and thanks for sharing ur family’s experience with usana. so ur family dah lame start taking these supplements ek?


    Mrs Imran Reply:

    betul2 semua kene tawakal. sometimes it might works for others tapi tk ok plak utk kita kan. yg penting usaha usana. hey it’s rhyme!

    hehe, neway babe i pon tkder la supprt MLM sgt before this. cuma yg usana ni…hmmm dunno la i think it’s different and nawaitu founder dia yg nk dunia bebas dari penyakit tu kot buat i tertarik…ehe. but then i’ve prove it , eventho i tk invest hefty amount of money to venture in so called MLM business ni, alhamdullilah i sudah dapat ruyung nya 😀


    diana Reply:

    dah setahun lebih dah kalau tak silap, alhamdulillah..memang rasa dia enhance kita nya immune system. tapi satu je…harga mahal..hehe..


  3. take a gud rest ya munirah …yup mmg penat mengejar bebudak i guesse kalau baby yg tak ley jalan lagi senang akakkakakakakka

    tangan u sama besar je ngan tangan anak …so nanti raya makan banyak2 ek dear

    i love gambar yg bapak dia carry dia dalam bakul tew ….sweettttttttttttttttt . munirah ur pic dah getting better . Pasnih just tiun part editing and everything will be perfect …..chaiiiyoookkkkk


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    haaa.part edit tu yg berat skit. saya buta IT =(
    kena find a way to jadi celik IT ni


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