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On hArith

September 7, 2009

Since i started having photo session at my house, my kids are having their fun time too coz they get to be in the garden. Usually they only get to play after 5pm, but now they may run around, morning and evening.

Yesterday after frequently being told, “hArith, awayyyy” asking him to get out from the picture, ade je nk menyelitkn diri masuk dlm gmbar gak, he ended up inventing his own game, which was basketball. Tangga yg mOmmy panjat tu jadi die punye basket ball ring…




I’m quite surprised to see that he can throw the ball accurately! Not just once, but again and again.

And while I was taking photo of Iman, i was calling Iman’s name so he would look at the camera, tetiba dgr suara hArith dok sebut “Man, Man, Man…”…and when i turned back, i saw him being in the same position like me, meniarap on the ground calling Iman’s name. Oh, i got myself an assistant already!


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  1. my son name Iman. So oleh kerana selalu sangat panggil nama dia, he now expert to pronounce Ma, Ma, Ma, Maaaa…

    i think the word Ibu susah for baby to pronounce (even Bu).. hmm


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