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Raya Portraiture: Iman & Family

September 6, 2009

When I read my email saying that a one year old boy will be coming for a session, i knew it would be a challenge. A one year old child usually wouldnt want to be hold much, wanting to be free to explore the surrounding.

This morning, I had Iman and his parents. His mom said, he was  a lil’ sleepy hence the i’m-not-interested-to-smile-face. Could see his dad was a bit disspointed when Iman didn’t want to put on his smile.


 Parents were giving their best smile but Iman buat muka selamba…

 Both parents tried their best to set the mood. And after a lil bit of tickling here and there and after few lambung…he gave us such a cute smile! He has dimple, and i luv the way he smile…siap kerut2 hidung and more like tesengeh than a smile. Cute!


dad tickled Iman, trying to make him smile



However, Iman was more interested with the toys rather than taking photos. Thus in most of the photos, u will see toys lying everywhere, to entice him. We had to campak toy on the ground so he walks towards it…


Spot the toy…

Nway, Iman was very much interested with the Ostrich egg, had lots of photo of him holding the egg. Mende lain sume dah tak laku


Kasi ketupat pun tak laku…


See, Iman senyum sengih.

Oh, if you ask him, “Iman, where are your eyes?” He will do this…


Cute kan! And if tanye, “Iman where’s your nose?” He will give the same facial expression…hihi

Enjoy more photos below =)

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Thanks again for having TRIPLETS plus ONE to capture moments with your family

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  1. Hi Munirah,

    Thanx sbb sudi amik gambar kami sekeluarga…cam teruja lak tgk gamba2 tuh..x sabar nak tunggu CD!!!!Anyway thanx again to you, your husband, and famili sbb semuanya seportin giler masa photo session tuh….


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    Thanks to you too sbb sudi amiq session dgn kami =). You all pun sporting…bile suruh bersantai, dgn relaxnye both u n husband bersantai. And your son punye senyum mahal tu, siap dgn dimple lagi!!!


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