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Baby Raees Again…

October 3, 2009

When Raees was born, i did visit him n his mommy at the hospital. Usually i dont go to hospitals due to time constrain but that time around i made an effort to cari time coz my dear friend went through a period of 24 hours labour.

When Irin told me she’ll be induce in the morning, i was expecting to hear news of arrival of the baby boy somewhere at noon or evening, but nothing at all. Send her few sms but no reply. Other friends of hers, been sending messages to each other wondering if anyone did get news from her. But no one did. Came night, still no news. We even hunt around if anyone has her husband phone number.

I remember waking up middle of the night, checking on my hp if there’s any msg from her considering she was induced in the morning, i reckon she will give birth by night. When i woke up for subuh, still no news. Again we send messages among our friends. Then finally at about noon we got the message, she gave birth at 10:12am (and was induced at 10:05am the day before)

Nway, here’s photo of Raees during my visit at their house yesterday (where athirAh was busy checking every window, looking out for pool…hihi)




managed to try putting Raees in my new props



But he’s a lil too panjang for my crochet bowl…


That’s all for now…insyaAllah will be seeing this boy again during his aqiQah

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  1. comelnya dok dalam that cocoon thingy! he looks like a big boy already tak macam umur 2 hari hehe

    btw, i pon gave birth the following day after being induced. it took forever for my cervix to dilate! hehe


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    yah..he seems very comfortbale in the hanging pod
    ni dah a month old actually..hihi

    oh i tot once dah induced cepat jer dilate…


    tuty Reply:

    munirah.. where did you buy the hanging pod? i even tried to coax my mom to knit it for me tp dia tak phm apa i nk. hehe.. tried to cari online tp tak tau


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    bought it kat etsy =)
    wah ur mom terror knitting eh?

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