Big Boy – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Big Boy

October 6, 2009

 Gosh, I thought i have only one adult in the family (the husband that is)….but apparently i have two!

hArith is no longer a small boy, he is already into hair gel! Caught him for the third time..climbing onto the chair to grab pApa’s hair gel on the dressing table. Once done, he will look into the mirror and say “chan-tek” with one big cheeky smile! He will then parade around the house saying “chan-tek, chan-tek” to others while pointing to his hair.

When he saw me taking the camera..he immediately park himself on the sofa


When i said “hArith, smile!”

terus die lentuk kepala die…


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  1. hi munierah..slmt berkenalan.actually i’m izlin fren (Uitm)..seronok baca kisah anak2 u & your addiciton in photography..hehe.come & visit my blog but not as good as yours:-p


  2. alah kaknem.. harith nih adorable sgt lahh!!=)

    ps: sape tah ajar dier ckp chantek??? sebbaek bukan shantek kan?? =P hihihi


  3. owh sangat chan-tek that boy.. heheheh.. lentok tu sangat chomel!! they grow so fast don’t they..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    yah they do grop so fast…but bile buat perangai..rase lamenye a minute to pass by, hihihi


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