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I’m now running, yay!

October 27, 2009

Now dah 6 weeks since i started taking  USANA tapi mase awal2 tu i was still abit skeptical with the product tu takde sgt promote kat u all, but now i’m confident with the product and so i slowly spread the words around about this supplement, and alhamdulillah now dah dpt jadi SHARER dalam USANA …

What makes me give USANA a try?

It all started about a year ago. Had problem pijak lantai bile bangun pagi. Then during the day mula lah jalan tempang2, had problem naik tangga, duduk antara sujud pun problem. Was afraid to tell my mom sbb takut kang dush kena “tu lah dlm pantang taknk jaga betul2”

Kept quite about the pain till one day it was not tolerable anymore. Went to see a doctor, doctor said it was muscle tear. Was on medication but didn’t heal. One day i could hardly walk..went to emergency unit kat d’sara specialist, did x-ray and when the doctor saw my x-ray film, he told me he will be back. Almost 10 mins later he came back with a confused face, he actually went out to consult his friend and he told me “tgk ni…ur bone is thicker than usual”. He told me to have a physiotheraphy session the next day, they placed this patch2 thingy on my leg electrical something yg rase cam semut gigit tu…once completed OuuCCChhh, i couldnt stand when i get up from the bed. Kelam kabut nurse help me jalan…they wrapped my leg with ice for 20mins or so. I was asked to have another session the next day but i decided not to spend my money again.

Then father-in-law suggested to see pakar at HKL so that was exactly what i did. Showed the specialist my x-ray film and she said it was inflamation of bone. Was asked to do another x-ray to see other angles. Confirmed it was inflamation of bone. Doctor asked ade tak any history of fall, of coz lar ade kan! the worst was mase rock climbing, 6 feet fall. Then campur dgn other fall sliding mase main touch rugby lagi…

Doctor kasi ubat pain killer, to help reduce the bengkak and ease the pain. Tapi ubat ade drugs, me breastfeed so wouldnt want to take it, unless tak tahan sgt sakit i’ll take the pain killer.

Then saw USANA everywhere in blogsphere, Mrs Imran was the first person who told me about it and mase tu my multivitamin from bla*kmore abis…after doing research here and there, google up and i decided to give it a try. now dah sebulan lebih amiq the essentials and showing improvement. So i decided to amiq Procosa, meant specifically for bone and joints. Alhamdulillah, leg getting better. Takde dah bgn pagi takleh pijak lantai and all, cume kadang2 rase bisa2 lagi. But definitely better than before. Afterall me baru start taking it for 6 weeks, can’t expect to cure immediately

I heart u USANA!!!

I’m sure some heard of this book already aight?


Mrs Imran loan this book to me sometime back,ni baru ade chance nak bukak.Yes i already know that USANA rated as 5 star supplement but what gave me a shocked was to see Centrum (some might know this supplement..alar kt guardian ade jual) rated as xde star. Yup ilek, not even 0.5 out of 5. Before this mmg syauQi de beli multivitamin Centrum yg A-Z tu…so basically all this while we been taking that, nothing goes into our body, we actually ended up with expensive s*it since nothing absorb into our body…


Ni Centrum, yg rated as nil star


Sorry buku ni mmg font halus sgt. And oh some might say buku ni bias but come to think about it, now it is the 4th edition. if bias sure dah lame this book kena sue by all the other product on its very 1st edition aight?

Anyway, with the inflamation of bone i ade ni, before this mmg nak lari payah but over the weekend I had fun running around  with my kids!!!

hArith lumbe lari with me…gembira dpt overtake mOmmy


tapi pastu jatuh tegolek


haa, tu lah, action lagi dgn mOmmy…hihi

yg ni lak , athirAh n uZAir tetinggal train…hArith n mOmmy dah smpai..diorang belum lagi


tgk tu athirAh nak corner ke mane tah tu…bolayan kami ajak lumba lari…last2 gi main ngan pokok bunga


and uZAir jalan lenggang2 mcm budak besar lak rase


Hmm..kesian kn uZAir, ramai org tegur bout his hair. Some thought i cut his hair that way on purpose…hahahah

My hair was exactly like that and it took quite sometime to grow. i think mase gmbar 2 years old masih camtu…by 3 my hair was normal, hihi

So i think after this, have to take photo of uZAir like this


so his wide forehead cant be seen and wont be questioned…hihi

Those who wish to give USANA a try, u can make use of my membership to get member’s price. Sharing is Caring kan kan =)

And those who wish to be a  member, i’m giving our rebate of RM24 this week!

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  1. Munirah,

    Alpha Lipid ada tak listed dalam buku yg u beli tu? Berapa star? TQ…..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    die rate supplement dari USA and Canada jer buku tu


    Mummy Orked Reply:

    ic… thanks… alpha lipid from NZ


  2. comel uzair.. erm.. harith n athirah waktu kecik2 dulu pun a bit botak juga macam uzair ke..?


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    dulu athirAh rmbut lmbat tumbuh gak tapi tak lah botak kt belah depan tu…hihi


  3. Munirah, Usana ni has no effects on breastfeeding mom ke? nak jugak to give it a try … tapi lepas i deliver la in about 1 mth time…


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    nope, it has no effect sbb mmg confirm does not contain any drugs in it. in fact USA athelete pun using it and they promosise that if at anytime the athlete kena buat urine test and if result showed positive drugs…they will compensate USD1million to them.
    in fact it is good for breastfeed mom sbb good supplement means mom have good nutrition dalam badan in which akn dpt kat baby =)


    Timmy Reply:

    oo oke… anyway, nnt boleh u email kat the info on usana… TQ


  4. waah, berkesan ye USANA tu…nnt boleh la nak try.
    comel harith tu jatuh. cute jer!


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    alhamdulillah my kaki showing improvement since amiq USANA ni…
    btw how’s ur baby?


  5. alhamdulillah…my baby ok dah..last timbang berat dia 3.02..rasa2nye ni dah 4kg kot..berat semacam jer nk angkat dia.hehe… siang2 susah nak tido, mlm ok..
    skrg dia still jaundice..prolong jaundice tp jmpe pakar dia kata ok xder pe2 mslh. kene follow up lg pas ni….hmmm


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    wah cepat die dah put on weight. nice to hear tat.
    tp bout the jaundice tu takpe ker prolong jaundice?
    dah try cek 2nd opinion dgn pakar paeds lain?


  6. Hi,

    I’m a new reader of ur blog. My family has long history of artrithis, perhaps USANA can be a good supplement for me kan? hehe.. nak try lah! 🙂


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    hi there, welcome to my random babbles 😉
    nway my aunt pun ade artrithis and now giving USANA a try. for artrithis u shuld take Essentials and Procosa.
    yg my inflamation of bone ni pun actually falls under artrithis.
    email me if u wish to place ur order (munirahpnye@yahoo.com) , if nk gune my membership dulu pun bleh


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