Our Weekend Part 1 – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Our Weekend Part 1

October 6, 2009

unfortunately our saturday was without a camera. pApa lupe bawak, he was using the camera in the morning, but he didnt bring it along when we went for a wedding and to a dear blogger cum client Raya Portraiture punye open house. Her house was very nice, rugi takde camera

And our sunday? A baby shower in the morning and a birthday party petang.

Who’s baby shower? My i’m-willing-to-do-anything friend, Fadd. She’s now 36 weeks. Wanted to do a baby shower before Ramadhan but since her due date is Nov, so sempat lah buat after puasa. Actually I already called her SIL to plan up a baby shower for her. Then dapat email from Leen saying she’s organising it…so me and family accept the invitation. So sbb org lain organise takkan me nk pandai2 ajak org lain kn..so kepada kawan2 fadd yg baca blog ni, bukan saya taknk ajak yer, saya bukan organizer 😉

Nway, Leen really did lot of preparation…

Yummy dessert…


Fruit Tart…


Cupcakes by wondermilk…


Cheese Snickers Cake…



Nicely packed gifts for the games


Door gift by Shila (but she cannot make it)


Delicious dish by Verde…


seriously sedap…although i dont eat spicy food, this was exceptional.Even hArith makan…sedap punye pasal, pedas pun pedas lah…Verde, nanti kt open house ade tak dish ni, hihi

Oh i didnt have picture of sandwiches that i also eat quite alot..hihi

Well, initially Leen’s plan was to gather first  then all of us go knocking on Fadd’s door. But i was thinking it would be nicer if we could set up the table and all. So we managed to arranged for Fadd to be out of the house, thus we came over while her husband was around and started decorating






The balloon was last to be decorated, coz my kids were aiming for it.

Once everything settled, Fadd’s husband went out to fetch her at the gym. When we got the cue that she’s arriving, we switch off the lights, which ended up scare my gal. Dah lah tetiba gelap..pastu kami ni terjerit2 while spraying the party thingy on Fadd…panic my gal


ish tak cool lar athirAh ni…

hArith and uZAir was fine though


Oh anyway…here’s the mom to be!


and the Dad-to-be


Mom-to-be tgh terharu



We had games after that…syauQi won the Guess-brapa-chocs-in-the-bottle


There were total of 54 chocs n sweets, syauQi guess 56. Me pulak selamba guess 117…giler tak logic. hahahahha

But i won the game, “list as much baby items” and also i won “bingo” =)

Gmbar mase main game takde sbb sume org sibuk dgn game

And here’s the group photo of us


oh and of coz highlite of the day (besides the parents-to-be) my son sibuk nak sapu the spray thingy..Verde nak pinjam hArith for her open house..hihi

To Apeng and Fadd, welcome to parenthood!



p/s: those nk inqure pasal USANA can email me at munirahpunye@yahoo.com

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  1. wahhhh didn’t see about the baby shower in her blog. bestnya the party, sure she was very touched that u guys did this for her. all the deco was very colourful and fine. i esp love the colorful door gifts and the balloons. 😀


  2. tak padan ngan brutal Athirah tu ek… penakut gak 🙂


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tu ah sbb gelap pastu org2 tua ni dok mengilai tejerit2…
    anak dara i ni dari kecik mmg boleh nmpak mende skit…tu panic kot die


  3. wauuu… mesti fadd terharu betul.i dah perasan blog dia.husband dia ‘sekapal’ kan? dan rasa pernah terjumpa kat open hse kwn.dan dia yg u pernah ckp masa kita sembang2 kat rumah u kan?
    decoration cantik,preparation mmg best tu.. bertuah fadd 🙂

    next time jemput dtg rumah lg.:)


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    yup, husband die sekapal. batch syauQi
    insyaAllah if we happen to be around shah alam, we will give u a call =)


  4. hahhahahahaha…i had lots of fun..tho bru kenal u guys…ade yg masih malu2 lg…hahahhahaha…
    nways, love the company…haishhhhh naseb baik mr.doc tkde…if ade mesti die menang…hahahhaha..nk jugak la kannnnnn…

    bab list baby stuff tue mmg surrender la kannnnnnnnnnnnn!

    n owh, balik tue i spill to mr.doc about harith!!!
    n he asked me to pinjam harith…muahahhaha…so mak nye…voleyyyy?!!?!? muahahahha

    *harith is untie verde’s new bf*
    mode perasan!


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    u nk pinjam hArith tuk bawak die shopping skali ek…pastu belikn tuk die segala baju bajan ek…i hokey jer camtu! hahahah
    will try to make it to ur place. kena gi rawang n shah alam on tat day.


    Verde Reply:

    boley sajeeeeeeeeee!!!
    alaaaaaaa…bru nak ask u a favor…nk hire u as photog that day as ofcourse i n mr.doc takley nak berhappy amek gamba sume kannnnn 🙁
    huhuhuhu boley tk!?!!? ke u dah fully booked?!?!?!


  5. My god! I today baru nk beronline setelah kakak iparku beranak.I bukan sekadar touched..tp rasa…tatau nk kata aper dah! nasib tak berjurai air mata yerrr..
    Ohhh plzzzzzzzz…..I rasa dlm mimpi!
    I will put all the photos bila apeng balik dari hospital.


  6. hey..it was nice meeting u.ur kids are adorable n hubby kelakar!hahaha..i curi one of the pix k..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    nice meeting u too!
    nanti i email u other pics of u kay


  7. dearr…pics semua cantik…nak cilokk ehh letak kat blog i jugak! i cilok banyakkkkkk ehhh. bolehh ehhh


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    sure no prob =)


    LEENEEL Reply:

    dearr…i adding you to my blog list ok.


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