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Random babbles

October 22, 2009

 Sorry havn’t been updating my blog. My grandparents were here the past 3 days for his medical check up, so was busy “entertaining’ him. hArih was such a darl!!! He really knows how to melt people’s heart. He was so friendly with my grandpa, after coming back from school he will run up to my grandparents room and lepak with them. He will do all kind of funny act to keep them entertain. Even show off his jumping skill…

Here’s hArith telling great grandfather to watch him



Dah abis lompat ntah brapa puluh kali show off skill die, sibuk nak senyum kt camera lak


Then bile petang, gembira tunjuk skill kat swing lak. Now dah taknk duduk…wanting more thrill, so he stands on it instead


still managed to give me a smile while busy balancing, trying to pull himself up


Oh i like this photo very much…find it really funny. While i was busy asking hArith to smile, athirAh as usual couldnt be bothered. Thus i was also not bothered to get her to smile at the camera….so i took this photo of hArith


Then i reckon, athirAh started to feel that i was neglecting her, confused how come i never called her to take photos of her too…so tetiba she came right infront of the camera lense blocking hArith…tadaaaa


Hahahah, as though saying “ha, amiq ni dh diri tegak…asal tak panggil athirAh??”

Nway, talking about hArith..i can really talk about him non-stop. He is progressing so well alhamdulillah. He knows that everything has two languages. So if i were to show picture of elephant and said “elephant” to him, he will say “jajah”. Yesterday he was so engross watching animal planet, he saw dolphins….quickly he went into the room, took a pillow with a dolphin cpillow case and brought it infront of the tv..he even wanted to “push” the pillow in to the tv! hahaha, nak biar dolphin meet the other frens.

The elder two call syauQi “father” at times instead of the usual pApa or they will imitate me calling syauQi “youuuuu”.

hArith no longer wants to seat on his high chair. He demands to sit on the normal chair for meal time. And no more plastic fork and spoon!


Today, my sister is on leave…sent the elder two to school. WAhhh so hAppy WanDe anta pegi sekolah



athirAh who refused to comb her hair this morning


and again, today after balik sekolah instead of taking his nap, hArith went up to lepak with greatgrandparent again


sejuk hati Embah tgk cicit rajin solat…

Oh today, my Usana order arrived. Previously i took Essentials, try it for my inflamation of bone. And since it has shown improvement i’ve decided to take Procosa, specifically for bone and joint. Hopefully it helps me to heal faster.


Talking about USANA, a friend started taking the Essentials too. She doesnt have any health problem but taking the supplement for health maintanance. She used to take supplement of another brand, and now giving USANA a try. She has a baby age  same as uZAir, a month different if im not mistaken. She breastfeed her son thus waking up 3 – 4 times at night is a norm. Now after taking USANA bout a week or so she said

 XXX : i feel better than before … coz i constantly feel lethargic since i’m still waking up at night a lot

XXX: now i feel better… since my sleep still irregular but i’m more alert in the day than dulu mesti rasa cam nak tidur aje

and on top of that…

XXX: i’ve started to run in the evenings again… dulu tak larat

Coolness aight! Those who are interested, you can email me at munirahpunye@yahoo.com

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  1. wah. aktifnya harith! and athirah makin cantik la! 🙂


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    mak athirAh lak yg senyum simpul bile baca org kate athirAh makin cantik…hihi


  2. haha…my son also panggil my hubby “abam” (as in abang) coz i call him that. now maybe i should start inventing cute funny names for my hub so that he’ll follow. hahaha jahat

    harith is such a dear. athirah prefers to do her own thing kot, malas nak ambik tahu hal sekeliling hehe


  3. hi..munirah..been ur silent reader..for quite some time now..even subscribe ur feeds..i envy ur photos..n boleh nmpk improvement ever since u join photomama jgk..can we exchange link?btw..i’m under mrsimran too (usana)..love reading ur blog.. 🙂


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    oh hi there!
    thanks for the compliment, jom lar join photomama 😉
    alrite..will add ur link!


  4. semua gmbr tu lawa2 sgt jeles..sbb u pandai amik gmbr..hehehe

    n kat gmbr2 harith tu..itu peluh ke air liur ek??my son tu air liur asyik jejeh2 jek x tau apsal..baby2 baya die x de plak camtu..

    anyway..i nk congratulate u on advancing your rank to SHARER 🙂

    hope dpt ikut jejak langkah u juga


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tu air liur campur peluh tapi lebih air liur…hahaha
    thanks for the wishes…soon u pulak, insyaAllah


  5. handsome harith and awesome athirah!

    athirah lebih tinggi daripada harith ke?

    apa2pun sungguh comeyyy!!!



    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    diorang more or less the same height


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