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October 3, 2009

I’ve been wanting to bring my kids for swimming since before Ramadhan. Yesterday we managed to arrange playdate in the pool for the kids. Gosh, aren’t we lucky to have a friend who have a pool in her house compound? Not those kind small pool tuk rendam2…but big enough for all of us to go in and start splashing at each other =)

hArith at first refused to be in the float, but after awhile he figured out that he can be in the “swimming” position..thus he doesnt mind being in it


he pushed himself forward and started kicking with his leg.

Anway, kami anak beranak yg beria masuk dulu…tuan rumah steady jer kt luar lagi 


waiting patiently for his mom


ni the moms and all the kids


the dads join later


oh btw, jaguh of the day was this boy…


Die selamba jump into the water and asked his mom to catch him…tp seblum mak die catch die sempat lah die tenggelam kejap…tgk lah hero ni melompat



Seeing this hero so happy giggle away, i asked hArith to try jump into the pool…but he is so used jumping on one spot…his buttock almost hit the side of the pool…so pApa have to pool him in when he jump


haa…mujur pApa pull him, kalau tak ade buntut teduduk kt sipi pool tu

after few times jumping in with the help of pApa…hArith managed to jump in by himself…




we had such a good time in the water…next time boleh buat tak malu dtg lagi, hihi

After nice warm shower, tuan rumah serve sandwiches and homemade icecream…mmg teringat balik zaman2 sekolah rendah dulu. n best of all ade my fav flavour…asam boi!


Balik almost 7pm….


Sorry gmbar athirAh and uZAir takde sgt coz both parents were busy in the water taking care of the kids…

Oh, tadi i brought athirAh to my fren’s house. After entering the house, she was going to all windows looking out. Pelik gak asal kabut sgt cek2 luar…then pApa figured out…die tgh cek mana pool! hahaha

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  1. syoikk nya !!! berendam time musim2 panas macam ni .. Munirah ice Popsicle tu kalau kat singapore we called it air batu malaysia maybe it started out from your country pastu we all copy cat agaknya 😛


  2. Munirah, pelampung harith size ape ek? hQ yg lama dulu dah x muat dah.


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    err i think yg up to 13kg kot…if im not mistaken


  3. Hi syg,
    Rumah aunty swimming pool lg besauu tau dari umh Aunt Ayie..sila laaaaaaa yerrr :p


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    hhihi..kami tunggu Baby K..nak swim same2


  4. dulu time budak2, my ambition nak jadi arkitek so that i can build my own house siap swimming pool sekali..huh tinggi angan2! haha.. selalu kalau cikgu mtk lukis gmbr rumah, mesti ada pool. pdhal lukisan,ke laut! :p skerg langsung tak dpt pun..pool budak2 ade laa. haha! tp dpt lak kahwin dgn org art…kira ok la, leh menumpang bab lukis2 ni 😉


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tak dpt jadi architect pun takpe…masih bleh simpan angan2 nk ade rumah with pool…mane tau soon akan ade rezeki dpt rumah with pool, u yg tukang arah architect tuk design macam mane..insyaAllah


  5. rasa mcm kenal tuan rumah tu.mizan kan nama dia?


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:



    fifi Reply:

    kawan lama.dh lost ctc.suddenly view u punye blog,ada pic dia pulak.is he married?


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