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Happy Feet

November 11, 2009

I took photo of this baby when he was less than a week….


And over the weekend, he came over to my house


(sila abaikn tapak kaki kotor, bukan salah mereka tapi salah my patio yg kotor…hihi)

They came at noon so couldnt take any outdoor photo so set up the “black studio” at my patio and again pintu tu memainkn peranan backdrop jugak



Lepas amiq gmbar Ichiro, mak bapak die lak nk bergambar. During confinement the mother refused to take any photo, well i dont blame her coz she was really bloated! I still remember meeting her up during her last trimester…oh my, i couldnt believe myself the weight she gain during her pregnancy. She even walk like a peguine…hihi

And of coz i was surprise to see her now. 


Gembira posing bagai…


While parents posing for photos, where was Ichiro? Under the car of my boy hArith =)



hArith kept Ichiro occupied, entertaining him with toys. And soon after, Ichiro joined his parents


hArith was busy putting up Ichiro’s name at the stroller. Bagus kn my assistant


See, the mother still happily posing while the father entertain the baby. Well, i would be as happy as her too if i loose weight that much after pregnancy. She was really huge back then

More photos of Ichiro




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