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November 8, 2009



Wondering what my kids are drinking yg sedap sgt tu smpai uZAir taknk lepas kn straw, minum smbil2 jeling2 tgk tv and hArith minum taknk stop smpai athirAh dok cek byk lagi ke tak takut hArith habiskn sbb die nak lagi?

Well, here’s the story behind the air. I’ve always been a person that doesnt eat breakfast. dari zaman sekolah lagi. when we (siblings n i) were in primary skool we usually have cereal for breakfast and after awhile we got bored with it and ended up skipping breakfast b4 going  to skool sbb tak tau ape nak makan.

so up till uni days, i always skip my breakfast. but now having kids of my own i gotta prepare them breakfast. and ended up eating with them. But yesterday, there were ngam2 3 keping roti left for the kids, so i skipped my breakfast…at about 11 plus felt so hungry and my maid didnt cook lunch coz everyone were not home and i told her it’s okay, i will buy some food. however, a friend said she’s coming but wanna wait for her baby to wake up so it wasnt certain what time she will come. So nk kuar beli food, takut kang kawan datang…and suddenly i remembered. i purchase nutrimeal for a fren and she haven’t pick it up yet.

So i was hesitating to open it or not. open? not? open? not?


it was almost 12, and i was really hungry so i decided to give this nutrimeal a try. mix it with the orange organic that doesnt work that effective compared to the previous one that i’ve been buying


my kids luv it, yummmy!!! but chop i wasn’t that mean okay. my kids had nasi goreng for their lunch. i didn’t replace this drink for their lunch. nasi goreng ade ngam2 tuk the kids since i told the maid i will buy my lunch. tp the kids wanted to taste it when they saw me drinking it.

this is my first time drinking such nutrimeal. how was it? taste good when i mix it with orange. kenyang? my fren came almost 1pm and left the house 2 plus. my attempt to sneak out from the house to get lunch failed couple of times…kids saw me going out and started crying. so couldnt go out. i ended up having my lunch at 4pm…seryes the nutrimeal made my tummy last that long..no breakfast n lunch at 4pm and yes followed by no dinner. (coz me mmg type yg tak makan dinner). itu pun according to the can it stated to mix 3 scoop of nutrimeal but i only used 2 scoop. so if 3 scoop sure lah lagi kenyang

so after this if takde ape nk makan for breakfast…i now have nutrimeal! for those yg malas nk buat breakfast pagi2 tu u can opt for this nutrimeal. can bancuh it and bring it in the car…drink it on the way to ur office =)

Those interested to buy nutrimeal u can email me at munirahpunye@yahoo.com. You may used my membership to get member’s price RM110 + RM4 (for shipping)

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  1. hi munirah..wah an interesting contest..and you memang talented shoot photos..nanti ada masa i cuba okay.re : my girls tu bila nak jadi baby jer nak duduk dalam high chairs,saja2 otherwise samlah macam harith,dagu jer sampai meja..dan ikut mood jugak kadang2 okay pakai their tray and fork/spoon kadang2 tak nak langsung semua nak ” like big people,tia dah big”.The baby cot tu sampai umur 6 bulan jer after taht dah tak nak..tapi we all tak simpan2 lah lagi..ada orang nak beli thinking of let go jer..ada dua kan…semua dua moses basket etc..you lagi lah.Your harith looks so smart suka tengok dia duduk makan with his kemeja kotak2..i rasa macam so behave dia.hari tu tak sempat lah nak dropby kindy..weekend jer masa macam tak cukup2 lah:)


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tu lah kn, hidung pun same paras ngan table tp ade hati nk makan atas normal chair…hihi. and now uZAir pun insists on seating the normal chair…die lagi lar kesian. mata kot level same dgn table…hihi
    bout the baby cot, i managed to sell 2 of mine now tinggal satu where we ended up pile up all the comforter, blankets n pillow in it. hArith has his own bed but most of the time ended up sleeping with me too. uZAir pun sleep with me. athirAh will join in the king size bed if father is not around or else athirAh n syauQi will sleep depan tv. she need the tv to fall asleep..not so good habit though
    on hArith, die mmg pantang org makan…although he just had his meal, asal nmpak org kt dining table sure die join skali.

    bout the Open Day, no worries..understand ur pack weekends. anytime u wish to have a look at the skool, gimme a buzz i can bring u.

    oh, come lah join the contest…i can make tutu for ur gals if they happen to be the lucky winner 😉


  2. hey there! if i’m not mistaken, u r my upline hehehe… which makes me ur downline hehehe I’ll link you nanti 🙂 btw, enjoy Nutrimeal 🙂


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