Embah was here? – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Embah was here?

December 15, 2009

Is there such thing as yang dah pergi came to visit? Last night the elder two saw “things”.

Hmm…i wonder what.

But this morning, i asked athirAh: “Embah datang jumpe athirAh ker?”

and she replied “haa” (yes)


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  1. Salam hanim,

    From what i understand, within 44 days (not exactly sure) roh arwah memang ada sekeliling kite..
    Maybe roh arwah nak make sure kite tenang dengan pemergiannya..

    I’ve gone thru the same situation as ur lil one.. my mum and i on the same night mimpi jumpe arwah my grandfather. Tapi mimpi tu memang macam dia betul2 datang visit us..and macam nak bagitau something. As in telling us.. dia tenang disana, and sentiasa doakan dia..

    wallahualam 🙂


  2. i would get a sniff of my brother’s scent last time after the few weeks he passed away,once in my room in uia, then another time yang i sangat susah nak percaya was in the LRT.



  3. same happen to our family. our late dad ‘come’ once in a while, come to see his kids. That’s why my mom suruh baca Yasin, instead of main2 benda lain


  4. rasanya ya… bcoz masa i kecik2 dulu pernah mimpi cam alya tu.. my mom n me mimpi serentak my grandmother dtg jenguk kat luar tingkap.. n then i know she is my grandmother walaupun i tak pernah jumpa n tengok rupa nenek..


  5. akak hanim.

    what should i say? i’ve been thru this experience. my late atok came and visit me on the 2nd day he died. then after a year,nierah mimpi atok dtg. he came again told me not to worry bout him and he won’t come back.he told me to take care of myself and my family expecially my opah. i woke up on that morning with tears in my eyes. such a wonderful feeling and i’ve missed him for 4 years. and now,i still miss him. forever i’ll miss him.


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