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Hilang Macho

December 1, 2009

On Saturday, we attended Adam’s birthday at A&W, unfortunately couldnt take much photos since my gal clings to me all the time. However, manage to get to know Farah since we shared the same table. Sgt jeles tgk Farah tinggi, dah lar tinggi…nak jugak pakai heels, abis tenggelam i diri tepi die.

Nway, the highlight of the day was kantoi hArith tak macho as he cried when the A&W mascot came out. Could see that hArith was genuinely in state of fear…muka panic and merah giler. Kantoi ngan org lain, hArith kurang macho. Almaklum lah, anak teruna saya “mat bunga” kan die suke masak…hihi

athirAh was scared too but didnt cry, just as long she’s being carried. uZAir je macho…leaning against the door, eating his jelly and looked at the bear. I guess for him, just as long the bear didnt come near him, he was fine.


here’s hArith in fear


malu tau hArith, kantoi kurang macho. takpe die tetap macho sbb bleh angkat barang berat..hihi

so since all 3 didnt want to take photo with the bear, tuk cukup kan syarat ade photo of the bear…i got pApa to take photo with the bear. had difficulty though to take photo while one hand had to carry athirAh, who didnt allow me to get any closer


i only managed to take photo of birthday boy towards the end, before leaving. he was enjoying his birthday cake..hihi



and here’s the only photo i have of Yaya


after the birthday party, headed to my in-laws, kids love watching the chicken


and since camera was already in my hand, decided to take photo of the kids playing at the compound. wanted to get all three to look at the camera but as usual, failed…


so ended up taking photo of individual..

my boy uZAir, still without hair infront…


hArith, his hair getting longer but doesnt allow me to cut. whenever i said, “hArith, lets cut ur hair” he will say “no, same mOmmy”..aiyoo my boy wants to keep his hair long like mine. how?


see, his hair covering his ears…

and my gal athirAh, as usual..she will be everywhere. always need extra eyes on her



and this gal, wouldnt allow us to tie her hair.

and oh, which one is better?

with the smile (laughter)


or without?


oh this morning, i had yuummmyyy nutrimeal. Do try it with mango Peel Fresh, much better than with orange. Sangat sedappp. It taste so much like mango smoothie. Gosh, can’t wait to have another round of it for dinner. it’s suppperrr yummy.

and on another note, a family member was admitted hospital due to diabetic. sugar level was very high, 18.8! managed to convince her to try USANA, and alhmadulillah this morning reported that her sugar is 6.3 (after only a week started taking USANA) in fact she told me that, the night before she had a plate of nasi goreng, and in usual scenario if makan heavy malam tu next morning blood test confirm above 10. but past few days it has been consistent below 10 and this morning despite heavy dinner of nais goreng at 10pm, blood test showed that sugar level is only 6.3. and blood pressure lately been always 160 above, now reported to be consistently around 130.

Isn’t this a good news to those with history of diabetic and high blood pressure? Dont hesitate to email me at munirahpunye@yahoo.com to enjoy member’s price. and those interested to be member, will receive rebate of RM24.

And yes, my offer is still on. Purchase 2 nutrimeal OR 1 nutrimeal + 1 fibergy, u’ll receive one shaker, coplimentary on me =)

Email me now =)

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  1. munirah, athirah is gorgeous! i love her wavy hair! nak tgk lama2 kot2 baby i boleh dpt curly hair jugak…hehe


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    oh i always wanted straight hair for her…so bile besar takde lah gatal tgn gi buat rebonding…hihi
    but lukcy thing her curl jenis yg bawah2 jer curl..so tak lah kembang, hihi


  2. wakakakkaka… munirah, terbahak-bahak i gelak tgk muka si harith ketakutan menangis, beriya-iya nangisnya haa… pagi tadi i tgk video coverage pun klaka tgk si harith kemain rangkul die peluk u. Anyway thanks dtg birthday party adam and present! hope u all enjoy!


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    oh sila sorok video coverage tu…malu wo kantoi hArith ketakutan.
    tp yg kelakarnye after awhile die tak notice mane bear tu die tanye syauQi, “pApa, bear?” then when syauQi pointed where the bear is, terus ketakutan…and bile tanye “hArith nak bear?” of coz lar die jawab “NO NO NO”
    die ingatkn die dh dlm safe zone, dh tak nmpak bear tot bear dh bla…tgk2 ade lagi, hihi
    and oh, thanks for inviting us =)


  3. hahahahahaha..sampai hari ni i leh ingat muka harith takut ngan bear tu!

    takpe harith gud boy kan..pandai die lap air tumpah kat meja tau!

    alaa gamba kite ramai2 tu takde ke?

    oh ya..procosa yang i beli tu,father i dah makan seminggu..alhamdulillah die kate ade kurang sikit sakit lutut..takpe kite tgk la 2 3 minggu lagi..i harap cepatla die sembuh.


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    gmbar ramai2 tu kt camera tuan rumah…i tak sempat suruh syauQi amiq kn gmbar.
    nway…sila lah ingat hArith sebagai lelaki-yg-lap-meja-bile-air-tumpah bukan sebagai lelaki-yang-nangis-bile-tgk-bear hihi

    on ur dad aritu kn, u beli procosa je ke dgn essential skali ek, (sorry lupe) sbb kadang if procosa jer mmg lmbat skit. cam i aritu essential abis so i amiq procosa jer..mmg tak se-magic if amiq dgn Essential skali


  4. alaaa…kita kejauhan pula. masa syauqi amik gambar dgn bear gemuk tu, hubby i kata…’haa, tu confirm masa kecik2 tak dapat gitu’. belakang syauqi berani ah dia berkata-kata begitu.


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    hahaha, alar tu mesti case husband u pun teringin…mase kecik i ade gmbar die dgn donald duck


  5. jua, u duduk meja yg agak blkg nape tak masuk skali group photo ngan bear. adeh i ni tuan rumah tak ingat semuanya busy tapi dlm video tgk u dok panggil “faris…faris…faris…” very motherly la…. untung faris


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    yaya, mmg camtu bile jadi tuan rumah bile abis event sure byk jer “alar, i patut… i patut buat ni…i patut buat tu…i tak layan si polan sgt, i lupe nk ajk si polan makan….”


  6. k.munirah nutrimeal tu advisable how many times per day
    pastu brp sccop skali bancuh-xde tulis pon hehe


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    ade kan tulis… kt situ tulis 3 scoop tapi i amiq 2 scoop sufficient enuff.
    u amiq pagi n malam…
    nak bancuh tu u kan use juice, like peel fresh then tmbah 2 scoop of it. or can campur with cold water, add sunquick and 2 scoop of it. let ur creativity out! hihi can bancuh with any of ur fav drink and u’ll then get a smoothie!


  7. wow!!as usual what a great picture..gambar harith nangis..priceless..

    i try your recipe on nutrimeal..
    tapi kat rumah takder peel fresh mango..
    cuma ada twister jer..
    but still..yummy!! hehehe..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    try it with mango peel fresh…so much better than twister. skrang i dh tak pandang twister…hihi


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