Hola – TRIPLETS plus ONE


December 23, 2009

I just realized i didn’t wish Slamat Tahun Baru, Salam Maal Hijrah to all of u. It’s a new year, lets hope life gets even better and mroe rezeki InsyaAllah. New Year, hence the new website revamp =) How do you like it? Now tat i have a special place dedicated for my gallery im thinking of having 3 panels for my blog. so i can have more widget left and right. I’m planning to have another bloglist for my USA associates and a space reserved for advertisement / sponsorship for those who wanna put up their badge for a minimal charges =)

We are actually in Kuantan, an impromtu decision to make a trip here for one night. hArith was amazed to see such a big “sand pit” it was when we went to the beach yesterday. athirAh was scared with the big wave. Wah first time athirAh takut mende…haha.

Gosh, i simply luv this Hyatt Kuantan. I always love this place. Before this, we came here i was pregnant with the triplets. And guess who we saw? Lana! Since hQ OCD, he hates the beach sooo much.

I’m off to breakfast now and hope weather is good to take photos =)

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