Update – TRIPLETS plus ONE


December 12, 2009

-Last nite was better than then nite before. My sleep was interrupted 10 times compared to the previous nite 11 times.

-My cluster headache is still with me.
What is cluster headache: (from wikipedia)
Cluster headache, nicknamed “suicide headache”, is a neurological disease that involves, as its most prominent feature, an immense degree of pain. “Cluster” refers to the tendency of these headaches to occur periodically, with active periods interrupted by spontaneous remissions. The cause of the disease is currently unknown. It affects approximately 0.1% of the population, and men are more commonly affected than women.

Kenapa lah, i always get disease yg unknown. Just like my inflamation of bone, cause is unknown. So that’s why ended up sure doctor will give pain killer

Regarding my bodyache. Apart from the lack of proper rest i just realise another reason for it.i think coz my kids like to “attack” me. all three will come and jump about on me while we golek2 on the bed. And believe it or not, if all three were to gain 1kg each…the total weight of all three will be same as my weight. So if all 3 always wrestle with me me…think i definitely need to start taking extra calcium supplement before my bone break into pieces.

And oh on a good news. I check on USANA, the booklet have specifically mention supplement for Cluster Headache. While some doctors don’teven know there’s such thing as cluster headache i’m quite surprised that USANA mentioned this particular disease. Oh btw, i was diagnose with this disease when i went to HKL neurologist. After few private hospitals and doctors who failed to diagnose anything, i decided to go to Pakar HKL.

Im so gonna get the supplement (but that doesn’t mean i no longer need my ‘annual leave’ haha)

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  1. Munirah… you are overworked kot… apapon, have a good rest okeh…

    Btw, i dah tak sakit pinggang lagi… thanks to USANA… but especially thanks to you!

    Take care!


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    ya, overwork i guess…tp cam cant seem to figure out a way.
    oh wow, ur back dah okay. do email me how was the progress like. i mean any healing crisis ke ape. would luv to hear on it =)
    and of coz, am very happy that USANA works well with u =)
    hope tat Irdina is happy that mak die dah bleh main lame2 golek2 and all with her
    (u amiq USANA close to a month kan now)


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