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January 9, 2010

syauQi was carrying hArith in coz he didn’t want to enter the house. While carrying him:

syauQi: Ish hArith ni berat lah, hArith makan ape?

hArith: makanan

hahaha, tat leaves syauQi blank..


*gmbar hiasan*

this is how the kitchen looks like whenever there’s someone is cooking in the kitchen. hArith will take out all the pots and start cooking too. We even caught him taking the vege from the fridge and smash it with the lesung batu. Ikan pun die amiq dari freezer

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  1. hahaha..gelak guling2..
    best jer jwpn dia.. makanan laa, apa lg kan? takkan plak makan benda lain kan?

    hehehe.. nadhrah pun sama mcm harith, bile org masak, dia pun mula laa buat own territory disitu.. i dh belikan dia set masak, jd skrg kurang laa punggah barang tokmek/opah dia..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    hArith taknk toy masak2…nk periuk yg betul punye. dulu ade one time i saw his toy periuk ade atas dapur. keja die lar tue


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