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Mama’s Surprise Birthday Party

January 14, 2010

**warning, extremely loongg entry!

Been wanting to write up on this but never had the time. Had soo many gmbar to look tru and resize. Finally i decided that i HAVE to get it done tonite. Hopefully the kids wont wake up till i finish this entry.

Nway, we (siblings n i) plan for a surprise bday for our mom but there were so many uncertainties to get it done. First of all we were not sure that all the pilots will be around.  To get all 3 of them around at the same time is rather difficult. Then we had problem searching of a venue..and lastly when we thought every would be fine, my late Embah pass away, so i wasnt sure if my dad was still up for it.

Nway, mama’s birthday was on 25th December..yup Christmas. Prior to that, i’ve already contacted mama’s good friend, to help me out with the invitation. So she handled that part, inviting mama’s close friends. Birthday was on Friday, we only confirmed to proceed with it on Wednesday. So that was like 3 days notice. We had problem of choosing the venue, coz we need a place where the kids can run around and shouldnt too far from home so we can go there easily to handle the decoration. After lots of places being pangkah, syauQi finally came out with the idea of having it at Halia, Sime Darby Convention Cetre. Perfect place…kids can run wild there.


Anway, the day before i assigned Hanah to get fresh flowers on her way back from work. She went to floristika at bangsar and bought luvly flowers which we hid it in the maid’s toilet. For sure mama won’t go there. Then we went to Ikea to get vases. My mom luvsss fresh flower so it’s like a MUST to have fresh flowers for centrepiece.

And of coz she didnt have a clue about this surprise, just a day before Christmas (her b’day) she told us that she wanted to order turkey for lunch. Yes, every now and then we took the advantage of christmas to order turkey. Other days of the year, it wouldnt be easy to get roasted turkey. Our aunties came for lunch and when mama wanted to pick up the turkey she told us that she wanted to get some fresh flowers to place it on the dining table, siap cakap “ye lah anak2 tak nk belikan..mama gi beli sendiri lah” (my own kids dont want to buy for me, i’ll have to buy myself then). We all pun buat ler muka sardin. The moment she left the house, Hanah and I quickly get things done. took the fresh flowers and arrange it in the vases. And off we went to buy her cake.


DSC_0691 copy

And apparently, when she picked up the turkey she told my aunt that she wanted to get cake for dessert after makan turkey. but the only option they had was secret receipi tapi cam dah boooring, so they came home without the cake. Of coz she was happy that we bought the cake. and org paling happy is hArith, kept on saying “hAppy you you”

hArith was amazed to eat such big drumstick

DSC_1023 copy

The men came back from friday prayers and my bro told my mom “Ma, i got 30% promotion by cdt card at Restaurant Halia, lets go tonite nak?” My mom pun okay lah kan, and she told my bro to call first coz its a public holiday it might be full and all. so we played along, gave the place a call.

Had ice cream cake hagen danz after the turkey, hArith was staring  at the cake and candle, i guess he knew it wasnt his birthday


only after my mom pretended to blow the candle, hArith started blowing too

DSC_1052 copy

DSC_1057 copy

At about 5pm, Hanah and I gave excuse to go out. Went out to get ballons and some decorations. Ballon Buzz tutup so had no choice but the expensice Party World at Ikano. So instead of getting 25  ballons we bought only 15 ballons. It cost RM5.20 per ballon!! giler ke ape party world tu?? *pengsan* Hanah, went to the venue to handle the decorations.

After maghrib, my two brothers left separately, we didnt want to make it obvious. Oh coz the theme was white, kang pelik lak if my mom nampak all of us in white. So brothers gave excuses..nanti nk go somewhere else after tat, so better go separate cars. Before took bath of the kids, i purposely asked my mom so she wouldnt suspect anything “errr, can the kids just go with their pyjamas or need to wear proper clothing to go there tonite” . She said to wear just simple clothes but not pyjamas lah. But little did I know, since i said like makes her more relax on the attire part. she simply grab any kurung she usually wear coz thinking that she didnt want to be overdress. I did tell my dad to supervise *hint* my mom on her clothing. While i was busy getting the kids ready (and in between carrying nthe flowers of vases into the car for my brother to go there first) my mom cam down..oh boy i surely was shocked to see that my dad didn’t supervise on my mom’s attire. In fact she did notice that all the kids were nicely dress.

So off we went, text my bro to get everyone ready. When we entered the restaurant the waiter that greeted us at the door dok senyum2 mom thought the extra smile was due to Christmas..haha.

Oh wait, a lil drama. Kan my sister went to the venue after we bought the ballon, so she wasn’t home for maghrib. Before leaving i asked mama where’s Hanah, so it was the typical scenario where Hanah ‘s time management is always out, mama said “she should have known better to come back..let her be.” I loike that part…it was meant to be like that, mama get annoyed that hanah is not home yet. ihihihi

Just before we left the houe, text my sis n bro to get ready. When we entered the restaurant the waiter that greeted us at the door dok senyum2 sengih kt my mom, mom tot the extra frenly smile was due to christmas..hihi. when we enter, bro n sister nicely seated waiting for us. Then mom asked mane lagi satu again another typical scene..sorang sure dtg lambat, haha. mom quite surprise hanah was there already tot she was being her usual late…haha.

The two that waited for us at the table


And while she was talking to us, at the back of her..friends were quietely approaching her.. ssshhhh,


Asked mama to turn around and…SURPRISEEEEE!!!!!




We even got mama a crown, in which she refused to wear it


mama’s friend said “sadly, the number 60 is difficult to digest..” but we still insists mama on wearing it



Spent the rest of the night eating and chit chatting




hArith somehow knew we are celebrating mama’s bday, while others busy eating he was busy practising on blowing the candle..ahaha


n athirAh as usual was everywhere



We had cake too and it was superb! no other cake can beat this, not only it taste good but it is nicely decorated too. Bought it from Zoe pastry, lady who was also responsible for my luvly hantaran wedding cake.


My mom commented that why do we really need to go all out emphasizing the number 60, hihi


And i did mention the theme was white aight? reason was…we wanted to let the birthday gal stand out during photo session. While others are in white she’s the only one in coloured. I did hint my mom during the day to wear red btu she said since i mentioned bout wearing pyjamas for the kids…so die tak tepiki nak bergaya, in fact when she saw bunch of her friends, first thing she said was ‘alarrrr my attire! hanim, y didnt u supervise my attired, if not tak lah mama dtg pakai tudung bawal ni jerrrr”

so here are few of the group photos





(some miscommunication here, one of mama’s friend didnt come in white but red instead)

ohm since mama juz got back from Haji, she have some souveneirs to give her friends. so she asked hanah to go home and pick it up. she bought nicely packed sejadah for travelling and she happen to buy these books quite sometime back, so she gave those two gifts to her friends



bouquet of flower from us to mama



And the gal responsible to get the decoration done, yg my mom again bising perlu lah emphasize 60 60 60 at the wall…hihi


and oh i also had my babyhood friend around. our parents were skoolmate back in tkc, we went kindergarten together…then went separate ways and meet up again in uia. Her son, Bilal and uZAir is just few weeks different


All in all it surely was a good night. Mama was really caught in surprise. hAppy birthday mama! or bak kate hArith “happy you you”

*obviously i couldnt finish this entry last night. uZAir woke up while i was not even half way the entry.

**Pics of the night, credit to our friend Yusof

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  1. hahahha pandai uoll buat suprise..memang terkejut btul muka mama u tu.

    hehe happy you you to ur mama!


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    hihi Happy you you.
    my mom first thing ckp was “wuish ape ni tak supervise my baju..”haha


  2. happening nyer..best2.. athirah skrg pndai senyum cheeky2 ek i loike her cheeky smile..sweet n lovely…
    happy you you to ur mum..


  3. Hi… just wanted to ask. Is Halia pricey? i pun kena plan my dad’s 60th birthday. so dah kena recce venues. how many did you guys have that day?


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    after pangkah here and there…we actually found tat this was the cheapest. exact ammount i tak ingat, close to RM40 if im not mistaken. mase reserve to we book for 50 seats. the section that they gave us bleh muat smpai 40 heads, and the add another table nearby to that section. but on tat nite they will count head again betul2 brapa for the billing. so if dtg less than the number u reserved pun takpe. u have to pay some deposit though. we had close to 40 heads mlm tu


  4. happening! nnt boleh buat surprise party for me ok 😀 tp jgn emphasize on the figure please.. hahah.

    neway u always awe me in many ways la munirah. how u manage to chase after 3 kids, actively promoting usana, cari material for your A-Z magnet and other sewing project [wink], photography, blogging and organizing baking session n party like this.

    wow! u are indeed an iron lady! other woman yg selalu kasik excuse dah ada anak tk boleh nk buat extra works, should think again. tk boleh ker or sajer tak nak? <—-reminder for myself jugak. heheh.


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tp this doesnt happen most of the time bile org tau i tak keja…they will go like “oohh, dok umah”


  5. subhanallah, bahagia sungguh membaca entry ini
    sejuk perut ur mom mengandungkan kesemua anak2nya
    beruntung sungguh ur mom
    nampak sungguh ur mom happy yg luar biasa

    very interesting entry
    inspire me to do the same(in our own way, which i can afford ;)) to dad, coz his birthday is approaching and currently he is recovering from a neck fracture which he got from an accident few weeks ago…


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    ya could see she was so shocked n surprise and can also see how dissapointed she was that i didnt supervise / hint her to wear nicer baju..hihi
    will pray for a speedy recovery for your dad, insyaAllah


  6. is a wonderful suprise party sure ur mom pon tak sangka kan kan… well done 🙂 btw happy belated birthday to ur mom, semoga sihat sejahtera amin…


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    oh dear i tak reply lagi coming or not bday. will try to make it insyaAllah =)


  7. wow.. bestnya surprise birthday party mum u… she must be proud having u guys as her children.. love happy family.. 🙂

    btw, ur mum look younger than her age. hehehe… hapy you you to ur mum…


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    ya, tat;s the idea of telling ppl she’s 60 coz she doesnt look like one…so ppl can say like wat u just said “ur mom look younger than her age”..isnt tat a compliment to her.
    tp die bising we emphasis on it too much..hihi


  8. wow.. bestnye..!! such a wonderful surprise party…sure happy sgt ur mom kan.. it does show in her pics.. the sweet n cheerful smile..

    my mom pun suke dpt flowers cantik tu from u.. 🙂


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    yup she was really surprised and happy, except her attire..hihi


  9. i pun 2nd kak ayu aka mrs imran!..
    mmg u supermommy laa! tabik spring..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    not until i can cook decent dishes and sew clothes for my kids, i wont consider myself supermommy…


  10. omg that is the sweeeetest thing for u and your siblings to do this for your mom. sweet sgt tak tahan. mesti ur mom terharu with anak2 yg penyayang camni. isk2.. happy belated birthday auntie!


  11. Salam munirah,
    i’m your silent reader all this while,tertarik nak tinggalkan komen for this entry.sukanya tgk you dpt buat surprise party for your mom.sure berbunga2 hatinya kan…
    happy belated bday to your mom…


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    hi there my no-longer-silent-reader 🙂
    will pop by ur blog later!


  12. assalamualaikum…syoknye ur mom got a nice surprise party!bagus anak2 die.i think ur mom went for hajj with me la..that day i think i saw u and ur mom @ikea.pastu tgk ur mom mcm kenal.tapi takut silap orang so tak tegur.then tgk sini ah betulla it;s ur mom.kimsalam kat die.ckap die menantu fatihah tkc kimsalam.hehe


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    ya, we were in ikea recently..the one with the kids scatter everywhere ek, coz bile dh smpai sedar stroller takde dlm keta. so kids ran wild, hihi.lar asal tak tegur. i’ll inform my mom (but she’ll read this too since she’s open my blogs for updates too..hihi)


  13. happy nye… mother’s day hari tu pun ada surprise juga kan.. mmg pandai betul u all nak organize kan.. lepas ni boleh la try jd event planner pulak ke.. 🙂
    happy sgt tgk muka ur mum..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    but one thing kami anak beradik are bad at..tak penah buat surprise for our dad, kesian die..tapi my dad macam bersahaja sgt, tu kot reason kami tak penah buat for him..hafta do one for him gak ni, hihi


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