Our day at the Friso Family Day – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Our day at the Friso Family Day

January 5, 2010

We reached OU almost half past 10. I tot i was late, but glad to know that the queue was still long. so i wouldnt ended up being the last few one to arrived, hihi


I was with all 3 kids while syauQi queued for registration. I took over the line when it was few more heads to our turn to register. So left the 3 kids with syauQi and the early morning drama begins. I returned to syauQi and realised hArith was not with him. I asked him and he told me hArith went to me while i was at the registration counter. “WHAT? You didn’t tell me?? How was i suppose to be aware he was with me if i was busy registering???” I was screaming hArith’s name like a mad lady searching for him. Seriously that was the longest few mins of my life! Yuz and MrMrsImran family was there, they helped me to look out for hArith..and after what seems to be the longest time of my life, it finally came to an end when i saw syauQi struggling with hArith. He already ran inside Kidzports. syauQi was pulling him out back to me. Fuuuh. Alhamdulillah

Yah, the kids pretty much felt at home with Kidzports, hence the dashing in straight to the playing area. All 3 were busy going everywhere, including uZAir. Was rather impressed that he wasn’t clinging to me despite the big crowd. athirAh went straight to the slide.


Few mins later, they annouced to gather. Oh that of coz got athirAh screaming. She just had one slide down n i called to to sit with the crowd, so 2nd drama of the day


My kids were everywhere, and after awhile I decided to just keep my eye on uZAir. I lost the other two most of the time. But I knew it was safe as long they were in the playarea coz the guard will not open the gate for the kids to run out.  Yup some of you may spot my elder two roaming by themselves. But of coz every now and then I’ll do head count. There was one time I was searching high and low for athirAh and suddenly notice colourful legs high above. She was going towards the covered slides yg pusing2 tu. Good thing i put her on her coloursful stripes tights…easily visible to spot her, hihi

uZAir had fun with the activities conducted. At first he wasn’t sure what was the other older kids doing. He stood there and observe…


He started dancing when the music was on but he didn’t understand that he was suppose to step on the board when the music end. But It was nice to see him happily dancing away when the music was on.


hAppily dancing to the music and giggle away…


The elder two was busy going up the playarea. Penat tengkuk coz dongak to look up searching for them. They were really running wild.


After penat doing too much of head counts every now and then, i decided to search for athirAh and bring her and uZAir into Gym 1. syauQi was with hArith, couldnt locate them, so brought just the 2 in (they join us later though). Fuh…finally i had the chance to sit down since the two kids were right under my eyes…hihi. The lady that conducted the session was hArith and athirAh’s instructor when they had their lessons there previously. athirAh was soo comfortable in that room, she really made it like “this is my home”…see so relax lying down.



meanwhile, uZAir was busy catching the bubbles. Few mins later, managed to get hArith to join us in Gym 1.


uZAir saw that I was nicely seated, conviniently he came and park himself on me for “refill”


Someone was getting sleepy already…


and yes, she finally doze off when we were about to have our lunch.


One down, brought the other two for lunch.Better chance for us to enjoy the food since less head to handle, hihi. Food was really good. Kids really enjoyed to food. And mOmmy and pApa too!!! We didn’t eat the adults food though, it was more convinient to joined the kids and since there were lots of extra kids’ food, we decided to eat the kids’ food.



Luv the drink too, soo much better than the usal package of yeos or drinho aight! Superb choice of drink Nuffnang!


Believe it or not, uZAir had 2 plates of the spaghetti!


And this is a tired and sleepy face, but the food was too good not to eat


So he continued eating with his hands instead of the forks…such thing as finger licking good aight! =) Oh dont u think he would be a good pick if any of u need a food taster? 😉


Even the dessert and fruits were good. Seriously,Two thumbs up for the food Nuffnang! SUPERB!!!



hArith saw the Kakak Cleaner clearing up the tables, putting aside those untouch food. So as usual he was busy helping out

After lunch, we had magic show. Err..i think few kids were scared with it. Perhaps a clown show would be more appropriate.  How do we explain to our 2 years old kids how did the table fly? And also the show with the fire, find it not soo appropriate for the lil’ ones. Been telling the kids tat fire is dangerous, but suddenly this uncle is playing with it. Few kids started crying at the start of the show. Even the music was like those haunted movie punye soundtrack… The elder two ran back to the playarea having fun goin up and down the slides, while uZAir was with me. (err…pacifying breastfeeding to be exact). The elder two sure had fun coz suddenly they had the play area to themselves since most of the older kids were watching the magic show.

Oh ya, all the lil ones were given size L tshirt. I was okay with it, coz i always find it cute kids in oversize clothing =) Well besides it being oversized just like other kids. Try to spot, the difference my kids’ tshirt than other kids.




Can you spot it? Here’s a lil closer photo


Got it? Orait, even more closer…


Yup, it’s my phone number. In case the kids get missing. Wrote down my phone number at all three tshirts..hihi

It must be rather eye catchy since the official photographer spot the number too 😉 (can’t d/load gmbar from the official photgrapher punye flickr unfortunately…)

The kids certainly had a good time. And im sure the whole crowd had a good time. It was really a big crowd. Unfortunately i was too busy chasing after the three that i had not much time to mingle around with other bloggers. Really sorry for not being able to be the friendly.




Managed to get only few photos of other bloggers,







Once reached home, all 3 kids knocked out. And parents joined them too..hehe. We certainly had a great time all together =)

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  1. oh.. uzair suka spaghetti tu ya..? Alia makan sikit je, dia lagi prefer sosej! hehe 🙂

    *oh ya, nice photo of me n alia.. tq so much for the upload.. 🙂


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tu keja hArith, lepas abis spagheti..die gi to others plates kutip sosej..hihi


  2. wah bestnya.. ruginya xdpt join.. kalo x leh kenal ngan mommies2 semua kan… 🙁

    baru perasan arini u tukar blog address. ingatkan xupdate lama.. pelik la gak. hehehe..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    err tu lah i rase ade others yg ingat i tak update blog gak sbb dah tukar url


  3. ada pulak gambar ichiro 🙂 thanks for uploaded it on ur blog 🙂 i have like tonnes of your kids photos..haha i tak kenal budak2 lain..so belasah amik gambar anak u jer..hihi


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    hah bak sini pass gmbar anak i…hihi. i takde gmbar hArith sgt sbb die semenjang hilang


  4. hi, salam perkenalan..saw you there but to shy to greet you..hihihi..yap, me & family really2 enjoy that day, hope to see you again in another event;-)


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    salam dear,
    ler knp shy pulak. tegur je tp jangan kecik hati if i tak cam u..i ni mmg fail bab face recognization ni..hihi


  5. I saw you there too tapi tak sampai hati nak tegur sebab u were busy with your kids. i saw harith dok bersilat dgn bapaknya because i think dia nak explore tempat tu puas-puas.


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tu lah asyik hilang je the kids. diorang dh biasa with the place tu tak takut nk gi segala corner even though ramai org


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